SC history events


Eastern woodland Indians

1000 - 1400

The eastern woodland Indians where the native Americans who lived in the southeastern portions of the United States before the Europeans came.

Triangle Slave Trade

1500 - 1800

The European empire needed resources very badly. The Triangle Slave Trade brought slaves to America, while we sent out supply's to different parts of Europe and Africa.


1500 - 1800

This is a economic trading system used to help America make money for the war.

San Miguel de Gualdape

1526 - 1527

It was a Spanish settlement in South Carolina.

13 English Colonies

1607 - 1776

The king of the England ruled the 13 English colonies and was treating them poorly. Finally the colonies revolted on the king.

Slave Codes

1650 - 1833

These were codes to tell the slaves how to live. They made the slaves follow these rules.

Proprietary Colony

1663 - 1729

A type of settlement that favored the British crown.

Yemassee War

1715 - 1717

It was a conflict between British steelers in South Carolina and some Native American tribes

Royal Colony

1732 - 1752

The royal colony was ruled by officials that were responsible for the state.

Stono Rebellion

September 9, 1739

It started off as 20 black slaves meat in by the stono river and rebelling, but it turned into many more than 20 slaves rebelling.

French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

It Was the finial colonial war.

Cherokee War

1758 - 1761

Mostly known as the "war with the English"

Rice and Indigo Trade

1763 - 1783

Both crops were very important to the British and were worth good money

Sugar Act

April 5, 1764

British placed taxes on sugar, wine and other things.

Stamp Act


This act caused there to be a tax on all documents

Regulator Movement

1765 - 1771

It was a North Carolina uprising.

Sons of Liberty


The group was formed to protect the rights of the citizens. They were trying to repel against the taxes that the British gave.

Tea act

1773 - 1861

It wanted to reduce the amount of tea. It would help the British make more money, and the colonist would have to buy the tea from the British.

Revolutionary War

1775 - 1783

Also known as the American War of independence; this war was the fight to get freedom from the British.

Declaration of Independence

July 4, 1776

This was the document at said that the US was free from the British. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness was stated in the document.

Battle of Camden

August 16, 1780

British overpowered the Americans with over 1200 men. The British got the victory.

Battle of Kings Mountain

October 7, 1780

This was one of the huge major victories for America.

Battle of Cowpens

January 17, 1781

This war was known as the turning point of the war.

Articles of Confederation

March 1, 1781

This was the first constitution passed by America.

Battle of Eutaw Springs

September 8, 1781

This batter was the last major battle of the war.

Nullification Controversy

1786 - 1816

A contriverey durring the prediency of Andrew Jackson.



This was a list of all of the rules of america. It states everything a person must go by.

Great Compromise

1787 - 1800

This was saying that each of the states would have their own laws under the constitution.

3/5 Compromise


The comprimise stated that the slaves only counted for 3/5 of a person in the house hold.

Commerce Compromise

August 29, 1787

the north and the south states came to a compromise about the government.

Cotton Gin


It was invented by Eli Whitney. It made picking cotton easer and it spreated the seads from the fibers.

“Total War”

1796 - 1815

This was a tactic that the people fighting the war would use and they thought it would make them win.

Embargo Act


This banded trade between us ports and forgien courntys. This was every hard for the US.

Plantation System


It was based on agrticulteral mass production. Usually a few products were grown on farms.

War of 1812

1812 - 1814

The US declared war on Great Birtten. They did this becuase of three major isues. One was the great blockade agaist Fance, their Alie.

Cotton Trade


It was a fight between the southern states for fabric materials.

William T. Sherman

1820 - 1891

This man was an american solder and an union general.

Denmark Vesey Plot


He was known for making one of the biggest slave rebellions in the USA.

Abolitionist Movement

1830 - 1870

This was the movent that the slaves wanted to amancapaite all of the slaves immeditly.

Robert Smalls

1839 - 1915

This man was an inslaved african american who later became a ships captin.

“Total War”

1845 - 1877

Total war was a type of war fair used in the Civil War.

Kansas-Nebraska Act


The states Kansas and Nebraska opened up more farm land.

Dred Scott Decision


It was a landscape dissison over land.

Election of 1860


It was the presidental election of 1860 bettween Aberham Lincon and then oher running canidates.

Civil War

1860 - 1865

This was when the up country fought the lowcountry for many reasons.

Creation of the Confederate States of America


This was when the states in the south decided to seccude from the U.S

Ft Sumter


This was the starting battle of the Civil War.

Port Royal


This battle was a major victory for the north.

Lincoln’s assassination


This was when John WIlks Booth came into fords thearter and shot Lincoln.



The secessionist period was when something breaks aways from the full thing and becomes its own full thing.