Jake martins timeline



Concordat of Bologna

1/1/1516 - 1/2/1516

Issued by Francis I, Allowed France to choose bishops and remain catholic and loyal to the pope

Catherine de Medici

1559 - 1589

Ruled for her incompetent sons, She caused the Bartholomew s day massacre, she wasnt a very successful politique

St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre


Catherene De Medeci was coming after Henery IV because he was having a Huegonaut wedding, Pope was happy

Henery IV

1/1/1589 - 1/2/1610

Famous quote: France is well worth a Mass, He was a flip flop cause he kept flipping religions
Edict of Nantes allowed Huguenots to practice religion as long as they did so in particular places
He was a politique because he allowed religious freedom
He was stabbed to death by a religious fanatic

Louis XIII

1/1/1610 - 1/2/1643

Most power rested in Richelieu, French Academy was created in order to centralize all French learning, Had a week noble class
Weakened Huguenots by destroying walls and moving them to certain areas
30 years war against Hapsburg's

30 Years War

1/1/1618 - 1/1/1648

Louis XIII sent to troops because the Hapsburgs threatened his monarchy
"By the tijme this was over, France is the strongest country in Europe

Louis XIV

1/1/1643 - 1/1/1715

I am the state, He had a tax exempt class, Everyone had to be catholic, Had complete control over nobles, Revoked edict of Nantes

War of Spanish Succession

1/1/1702 - 1/1/1713

France tries to combine with Spain and the other countries where all mad, The other countries win

Louis XV

1/1/1715 - 1/1/1774

Madame de Pompadour, Rocco



He believed there should be 3 branches of Government
Government based on climate

Seven Years War

1/1/1756 - 1/1/1763

Austrias allies vs. Prussias allies
France loses colonial possessions



Crush the church
big supporter of free speech



1762- Social Contract
1762- Emile
Children should educate themselves and parents should just make sure that they dont kill themselves
Make decisions based on impulse not reason

American revolution

1/1/1776 - 1/1/1783

France wanted to get back at England so they helped the Americans
Cost alot of money for France

National Assembly


Abee Sieyes was the leaderof the assembly, Clergy was shut down, Set up new limited monarchy

1st French Republc

1792 - 1795

Public safety pretty much a terror squad, reign of terror was the massive killings by the radicals, thermidorian reaction is the when people turned against ropes pier


1795 - 1799

a corrupt political group


1799 - 1815

Napoleon code is how the French should be run,Continental system was when napoleon tried to force code upon other countries

louis XVIII

1814 - 1824

added chamber of deputies

congress of vienna

1815 - 1820

brought peace Europe for a while, france wasn't allowed to negotiate
Representative was tallyrand
Balance of Power, Reperations, restore rulers

Charles X

1824 - 1830

conservative that worked hard to restore acient regeme

july revolutions


Riots against Charles X
Mainly consisted of the working class

Louis Philipe

1830 - 1848

the citizen king, ruled and eventually caused the 1848 revolution and fleed to England

june days


the French gov outlawed banquets, Provitional government takes over

2nd French Republic

1848 - 1852

after pushing out Louis phillipe, the people took over and created a super unsuccessful republic

Provisional gov

1/3/1848 - 1/5/1848

Louis blanc wants workshop. Doesnt workat all

Holy Roman Empire



Gutenberg invents the printing press and is one of the most influential people in this period



He believed that faith alone will guide you to the promised land. The priesthood of all believers was the idea that the church consisted of all the people not just the clergy and that all people are equal under god. He was conservative and believed that the people shouldn't rebel

Charles V

1519 - 1556

He got Spain from his mom and he got Holy Roman Empire from his dad. Split his land between his son and his bother. His nickname was the universal monarch

Diet of Worms


Charles V and the Church said that luther needed to recant for his actions. Luther says no and is labeled as an outlaw

German peasants revolt


They took Luthers idea of Priesthood of all believers and attempted to apply it to the government policies. Luther responded by writing the murderous and thieving horde and urging the nobles to crush the revolt

council of trent

1545 - 1563

The church attempts to fix its self up and change things like indulgences. Worked pretty well

Schmalkaldic War

1546 - 1548

Catholic princes vs. Protestant leagues, The protestants win

Peace of Augsburg


Ended the Schmalkaldic war, Allowed lutherins to practice, Latin phrase means that whoever rules decides religion

Thirty years war

1618 - 1648

It was hapsburgs v burbons
Starts with the defenestration of Prague
France enters to stop the hapsburgs

Peace of Westphalia


confederation of the rhine

1806 - 1815

Congress of Vienna

1815 - 1820

3 goals: Restore legitimate rulers, war reparations, Balance of power
concert of Europe- a system where everyone will sit down and talk about their issues

German confeeration

1815 - 1871


Vienna is center of European music
Robot is the Austrian work force

Battle of Viena


ottoman empire vs the Hapsburg
sobieski saves the day

Charles VI

1711 - 1740

Pragmatic sanction allows his daughter, Maria Therisa to rule the throne

Maria Theresa

1740 - 1780

diminished the robot and abolished torture

War of Austrian Succession

1740 - 1748

Prussia vs Austria
Austria wins
Prussia gets selesia

seven years war

1756 - 1763

a war between the Prussian aliies and the Hapsburg allies

Joseph II

1765 - 1790

Abolished serfdom
eased oppresion of jew
all his reforms were undone


1821 - 1848

hates nationalism and liberalism
Eventuallyy run out of Austria

1848 riots


people want government reform but riots are put down by Franz Joseph


Fredrick William I

1713 - 1740

he created the greatest army in Europe

fredrick II

1740 - 1786

was a politique rhat instated very radical reform that was immediately reversed once he died

War of Austrian succession

1740 - 1748

same as above

seven years war

1756 - 1763


Johan Herder

1780 - 1790

he was the person who created the idea of nationalism

Gross deutsch vs. kleine deutsch debate


they debated on the ideas of german unification

George Friederick Hegel


he believed that there was a initial thesis, something that clashed with this thesis than eventually a new thesis

Frankfurt Assembly


they wanted to make a new constitution
crown offered to Frederick William IV
He rejects it


Political organization

1300 - 2013

They are organized into several city-states

Early Renaissance

1450 - 1500

Starts in Florence

Prestige of Florence


Ruled by the Medecis
Because it was the center of art and had alot of money pooring through the country



An outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters.

Cesare Borgia

1476 - 1507

He was the son of alexander VI
Cause he wasnt very nice

Lorenzo de Medici

1478 - 1492

He ruled Florance at the height of the Renaissance

Friar Savanorola

1494 - 1498

He was the dude who had all the artists burn their works to show their faith

High Renaissance

1500 - 1527

It was in Rome



To rule with an iron fist

End of the Renaissance


When Charles V of France invades Italy



It talked about how people should act
especially gentlemen



He proved the idea that the earth revolved around the sun
the catholic church got really mad

Cesare Beccaria


We should treat prisoners more humanely


1800 - 1850

Unification in Italy
Started by the coal burners

Congree of Vienna

1815 - 1820

Piece of Italy given to Austria
Balance of Power, restore monarchs, Divide poland

Unsuccessful Movements


They were unsuccessful because the lacked any form of unification

Giuseppe Mazzini


He was apart of young Italy
Wants unification of Italy and a democracy