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Eastern woodland indians

14,000 BC - 1600

They were the first people in the Americas they crossed when Alaska was attached to Asia by an ice bridge. They got the name Indians because Christopher Columbus thought he was in India when he first arrived and the name stuck.

13 English colonies

1492 - 1793

A time when great Britain controlled America. It was a time when a king was in absolute control.

San Miguel gualdape

1526 - 1527

It only lasted for 3months with European setters and failed but was still the first euro settlement.

Triangle slave trade.

1600 - 1865

It is when slaves were brought from Africa to Europe to north america. Many slaves died on this trip.


1601 - 1860

When it was in place it limited trade in certain countries to protect them from boats from other countries that would attack them.

Proprietary colony

1660 - 1690

It was a time England controlled the us completely and sent many groups to try to colonize the new world.

Royal colony

1691 - 1776

It was when great Britain controlled the USA with monarchy governors with absolute power of their soon to be state.c

Yemassee war

1715 - 1717

A confect between many native Americans and Great Britain. Which start a two year war with the yemassee tribe which ended with dissolving of it what was left of tribe was weak.

Stone rebellion

1739 - 1740

A group of slaves killed many white people and then most of the 80 slaves were executed.

French and Indian war

1754 - 1763

A fight between the colonies and New France and the Indians. The colonies were against France and the Indians. It is usually called the seven year war by every body but the USA.

Cherokee war

1758 - 1761

It war a rising tension between great Britain and the Cherokee which ended in war. The eventually ended with the Cherokee losing and signing a peace treaty

Rice and indigo trade

1763 - 1863

It was trade of cotton and indigo when slaves were here it made picking cotton a lot easier and when the cotton gin was invented it made things even worse for the slaves. Ended in the middle of the civil war.

Sugar act

1764 - 1766

It was a tax on sugar which set to replace there previous tax which expired In 1763. The tax was replaced in 1766.

Regulator movement

1765 - 1771

It was a time when south and North Carolina citizens began arming themselves against corrupt colonial officers. It did not work.

Stamp act

1765 - 1766

It was a stamp on most printed products. Some were legal documents and magazines. It was a sort lived taxing from November of 1765 to march of 1766

Sons of liberty

1765 - 1781

We're created to help the colonist against England. We're best know for the Boston tea party of 1773.

Tea act

1773 - 1775

It was a tax on all tea from Great Britain. It ended up being one of the building blocks of war. Started the Boston tea party.

South Carolina constitution of 1776

1776 - 1778

a constitution that was adopted in 1776 and was remade in 1778.

slave codes

1776 - 1865

These code further limited the rights of all slaves free or not. They lasted until the civil war made the slave free but still then they still had so many different rules that were unfair.

Plantation System

1776 - 1865

it was when the U.S money came mostly from agricultural products.

Revolutionary war

1776 - 1781

It was the war that gave us are independence from Great Britain. And formed the United States of America. Led by George Washington and our founding fathers.

articles of confederation

1777 - 1781

it was not a strong constitution so it was ratified in 1781. it first made in 1776 but was sent to the states in 1777 to be ratified.

Battle of camden

1780 - 1781

It was a major defeat for the USA. The general in command was nearly court marshaled for he never saw field command again. He name Name was general gates.

battle of kings moutian

1780 - 1781

it was a victory for the patriots with them killing 290 capturing 600+ and injuring 163 with their loses at 29 dead 58 wounded.

Declaration of Independence

1781 - 2013

it gave us our freedom from Britain which still stands today.

battle of cowpens

1781 - 1782

a victory for the patriots under general Daniel Morgan. Happened in South Carolina

battle of eutaw springs

1781 - 1782

it was mainly a tie some histories say America won most say the British won but over all it was a tie and the last major battle in South Carolina.

3/5 compromise

1783 - 1868

it was a law saying that slaves counted only as 3/5 of a person. when you were giving out the number of Representatives to a state this really mattered.

great comprise

1787 - 2013

it was a agreement to regulate big and small states

commerce comromise

1787 - 1865

it is the us power to levy taxes on imports but not exports.


1787 - 2013

it is our current constitution it gives us the freedom the choose president and many more things from congressmen 6 years in office to our everyday life.

cotton gin

1794 - 2013

it was invented Eli Whitney in 1794. She thought it would help slaves but in reality it made more slaves come to the U.S.A then ever before. It made cotton a usable product.

cotton trade

1794 - 2013

U.S.A was for a very long while the number one cotton producing country and trading country but now we are number 2 to china. It all start with the cotton gin invention in 1794. We were by far the biggest trader in slave times because of all of the free labor.

Embargo Act

1807 - 1812

It was a act made to protect us ships from other countries especially England. The act was widely hated by the united states citizens making them have less income not realizing that the act was protecting them. it was a reason that the war of 1812 happened.

war of 1812

1812 - 1813

It was a second war between the U.S.A and England. ,which nobody won the U.S tied but at the cost of the white house being burned down. When the U.S came out it was a world power showing that it was free from Great Britain.

william t serman

1820 - 1891

He is most widely know for his march down the Carolinas and other states burning everything he saw leaving nothing for the enemy to rebuild on.

denark vassey plot

1822 - 1823

A free slave by the name of Demark Vassey who bought his freedom planed the biggest slave revolts in history but some of his fellow slave leaked the plot. So he and some of his fellow slaves were hanged.

Abolitionist Movement

1830 - 1870

It was a movement to get slaves free from slave owners. The big names in the Abolitionist range from Harriet bleacher Stowe to john brown. Harriet wrote uncle toms cabin which really start to get the slave movement more heated.

Nullification Controversy

1832 - 1833

It was a pitting between president Andrew Jackson and senator Calhoun they were arguing weather a sate could nullify a federal law it ended up in a long series of events. Both sides won in a way at the end.

robert smalls

1839 - 1915

He was an enslaved African American. He stole the Confederate transport ship he was on and took himself and his family to the free union. He later became a politician and elected to the house of Representatives.

Kansas-Nebraska Act

1854 - 1855

It was act to deal with slavery in new territory's. It was like the other act not very poplar and did not last.

Dred Scott Decision

1856 - 1857

The court determined that Dred Scott was property and not a citizen so could not sue the federal court. The voted ended 7-2.


1860 - 1865

Someone who wanted to succeed from the union and start there own slave based government. The biggest secessionist movements were in 1860-1865.

election of 1860

1860 - 1861

It was the election that put Lincoln in office it was a close race. It was a close race because so many people still wanted slavery.

Civil War

1861 - 1865

It begin in !861 at fort Sumter when the south fired upon the north. Even though the south lost they lasted longer then most people thought they would they lasted longer because they had better generals like Robert e. lee .

Ft Sumter

1861 - 1862

It was what started the civil war when the south fired upon the fort it all began.

Port Royal

1861 - 1862

one of the first amphibious battles of the civil war resulting in a union victory with very little loss of life with 19 dead altogether.

total war

1861 - 2013

Total war is when you go in and destroy everything burn things to the ground completely destroy your enemy it is the first method of modern war used.

Creation of the Confederate States of America

1861 - 1865

it was a group of states that wanted slavery so they thought they could create their own country there country leader Jefferson Davis.

Lincoln’s assassination

1865 - 1866

It is when John Wilkes Booth an actor at the theater Lincoln was at ,came from be hide him and killed the president though he did not die there he died the next day from the injure. he was the first president assassinated .