Van Rensselaer / Settlement of Berne


Jeremias VR

1730 - 1745

Jeriamias inherited in 1719 and died in 1745. Manor passed to his brother Stephen VR I who was sickly.

Stephen VR -sickly

1745 - 1747

Inherited patroonship from brother Jeremias. Stephen was sickly and died in 1747 at age 40.

Stephen VR II guardian

1747 - 1763

Stephen inherited at age 5. Presumably the estate was overseen by his guardian until he was 21

Stephen VR II

1763 - 1769

Stepphen VR II died at age 27 as one of the richest men of the region. The Manor passed on to his eldest son Stephen VR III who was five.

Stephen VR III guardian

1769 - 1784

The estate was controlled by Abraham Ten Broeck until Stephen III was 21 Stephen III attended school in Albany and then New Jersey and Kingston during the Revolution. He graduated from Harvard College in 1782.

Stephen VR III

1784 - 1839




Estimated settlement date

Beaver Dam settlement

1740 - 1750

Knox - First church & school


Source: Memorial Volume of Hartwyck Synod per Tenny and Howll in their History of Albany County

French & Indian War

1754 - 1763

Rivez map


Shows Beverdam with a few houses

Beaver Dam Reformed Church


Bleeker map


Rensselaerwyck map shows four houses in hill towns

1772 Map


Shows Schoharie - Altamont road and a few houses

Earliest known hilltown leases


About 12 leases signed on the same day

Rev. War

1775 - 1783

Survey of vacant land

1785 - 1787

Survey of vacant land prior to recruiting new settlers

Survey map


Irregular lots were early settlers, regular lot were vacant lands

English speaking settlers

1788 - 1800

Recruited from New England and down state