"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it conscientiously." ~Pascal


Mortal life, spent in various wars.


April 22, 1076

Born in outside Westminister, England, product of rape of English mother by Norman father.

Invasion of Wales

July 1092

Partook in failed invasion of the Celtic kingdom Strathclyde.

Left on First Crusade

August 1096

Met Feris Septimi

January 1099

Met Feris Septimi, struck up friendship.

Massacre of Jerusalem

June 9 1099

At vanguard of siege and slaughter of Jerusalem, and one of the first to commit the atrocities.

Demonic Champion

The first few centuries were where Mainardus was convinced that his powers must be used for good. Gradual erosion of morality leads to more and more inhumane acts in the name of righteousness.


September 3, 1099

Convinced to open himself in ritual for an "angel" to cleanse the evil Muslim heathens.

Aided Norwegian Crusade

1107 - 1111

Joined Templars


Was inducted into the Templars due to reputation in Holy Land.

Second Crusade

1145 - 1148

Third Crusade

1187 - 1192

Fourth Crusade

1202 - 1204

Children's Crusade


Captures a large group of children marching for the Holy Lands. Sells most to slavery.

Fifth Crusade

1217 - 1221

Sixth Crusade

1228 - 1229

Seventh Crusade

1248 - 1254

Eighth & Ninth Crusades

1270 - 1272

The Great Famine

1315 - 1317

Went to Europe when news of a great famine reached him. Proceeded to test the faith of people, offering food in exchange for demon worship, cannibalism, and child sacrifice. Many failed this test.

Hundred Years' War

1337 - 1453

On and off participation in the Hundred Years' War. The side changed depending on Mainardus's mood and sympathies at the time.

Black Death

1348 - 1350

Traveled Europe, seeking those showing signs of the plague and slaughtering entire villages, seeing those who were touched by disease as having the disfavor of God.

Papal Schism


Believed the Church lost the Mandate of God when multiple men arose, claiming to be pope.

Persecution of Spanish Jews

1478 - 1492

Finds, tortures, and kills Marrano Jews in hiding.

Protestant Reformation


Protestant Reformation and "weak" reaction of Catholic Church breaks lingering belief that Mainardus is doing work for God. God is too weak for him, therefore he's working for Satan.

Bringer of Chaos

Full embracing of demonic side, causing havoc and destruction wherever he goes.

Destruction of Aztecs

1519 - 1521

Went to America, in order to get new perspective and destroy people unknown to him.

God of Death

1530 - 1650

Moved north to the North East region, and set himself up as a god for one of the Plateau Native American tribes, creating a bloody religion in his image.


1655 - 1724

Got bored with being a god, so murdered tribe and went to New York. There, saw slaves, and intrigued went to Africa and became a slaver. Made money via destroying and selling many tribes there.

Trail of Tears

1831 - 1838

Hired by United States government to "enforce" Indian Removal Act of 1830. Brutally terrorized people until agreements were forged, then encouraged them to head West.

Bear River City

November 19, 1868

Randomly wandering around Wyoming, ran into a guy in Bear River City. Got bored, tortured and murdered him, then left. Led to false accusations, lynchings, a riot and lastly destruction of town.

Chance died here, and was reborn as an Immortal.