The Roman Empire


Founding of Rome (Romulus and Remus)

753 BC

Romulus and Remus were the sons of Mars and were raise by a she-wolf after growing up they built the city of Rome and one brother killed the other they both ultimately died, but they had created what was going to be one of the most influential and powerful empires in the world

Rome becomes a Republic

500 BC

The revolt against King Tarquinius makes the Republic of Rome. It had a great significance of Freedom that would impact the world, of a government that was prominent without monarchy and a better more organized government.

Second Punic War

218 BC

Carthaginian general Hannibal wins several battles of the romans, but was defeated by Scipio and Carthage Capitulated

Rise of Julius Caesar

49 BC

Gaius Julius Caesar turns on Rome and becomes dictator, shortly after he defeated many rivals including his former friend Pompey (a dictator in Rome was considered military leader rather than the communist term used today)

Death of Julius Caesar

44 BC

Gaius Julius Caesar was killed by several senators including sextus and brutus

Triumvirate by Augustus and Lepidus

36 BC

a triumvirate is formed by Marcus Antony Octavius( Augustus) and Lepidus after they chased down the last remaining murderers of Caesar (a triumvirate is a political regime dominated by three powerful individuals)

War against Cleopatra and Marcus

32 BC

Octavius and the senate of Rome declare war on Cleopatra and Marcus Antony the war was won by Octavius. Marcus and Cleopatra committed suicide.

Octavius becomes Emperor

27 BC

Octavius takes the title of Augustus and becomes Emperor of the Roman Empire which stretches from spain to Germany to Israel

Separation of the Roman Empire

285 AD

Emperor Diocletian splits the Roman Empire in 2
It results in the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire.

The fall of the Roman Empire

476 AD

Rome fell to the Barbarians and the Western Roman Empire was already shrunk to italy/sicily, although the last emperor claimed to rule spain france italy and north africa