Roman Empire


Latins built original settlement of Rome

1000 B.C.E.

Rome founded by twins Remus and Romulus

753 B.C.E.

Roman republic is established

509 B.C.E.

Twelve Tables are created

451 B.C.E.

Rome has control over all of Italy

265 B.C.E.

Punic Wars

264 B.C.E. - 149 B.C.E.

Tiberius dies

133 B.C.E.

Gaius dies

121 B.C.E.

Julius Caesar elected consul

59 B.C.E.

Caesar appointed as dictator

44 B.C.E.

Caesar assassinated by Marcus Brutus and Gaius Cassius

44 B.C.

Octavian, Mark Anthony, and Ledipus take over Rome

43 B.C.E.

Augustus (Octavian) rules Rome

27 B.C.E. - 12 C.E.

Pax Romana

27 B.C.E. - 180

Roman Power spread to Judaea

6 C.E.

Jesus is crucified to the cross

29 C.E.

Romans storm Jerusalem

70 C.E.

Mount Vesuvius

79 C.E.

Jews rebel, political state of the Jews is destroyed

132 C.E.

Diocletian takes control of Roman Empire

284 C.E.

Diocletian retires

305 C.E.

Constantine gains control of western half of the empire

312 C.E.

Constantine accepts Christianity in Rome

313 C.E.

Nicene Creed is written

325 C.E.

Constantine moves capital from Rome to Byzantium

330 C.E.

Huns push Germans into Roman land

370 C.E.

Theodosius made Christianity official religion of Rome

380 C.E.

Germans overrun Rome and plunder for 3 days

410 C.E.

Huns unite under Attila

444 C.E.

Huns attack Rome, but fail

452 C.E.

Attila dies

453 C.E.

Germans finish off western half of the empire

476 C.E.