Official Story Timeline

Non-Specific Events

The Fire Sale

2035 - 2040

Brutal five year war which resulted in the formation of the Confederacy of Nations. Most records chronicling the event have gone missing.

Confederacy of Nations

2041 - 2078

The first Confederacy of Nations is formed to ensure global disarmament and peace, as well as to prevent another Fire Sale.

The Bushfire War

2081 - 2092

The fighting between the Federation and the Commonwealth over Australia. After several years of guerilla warfare, with the indigenous population siding with the Federation the Commonwealth succeeds in capturing the majority of the continent.

The Long Fall

2087 - 2099

A twelve year depression in the Federation starting after major embargoes were enacted by the Commonwealth to pressure the Federation into surrendering Australia. The Bushfire Settlement relieved some of the economic stress but didn't lead to full economic recovery. The Federation recovered right at the start of the Second Space Race due to national determination to be the first to colonize Mars.

The Second Space Race

2099 - 2149

A race to be the first to successfully establish a colony on Mars. The Commonwealth is the first to arrive in 2149 and within a decade almost 10,000 people live beneath the surface of Mars. Not to be deterred the Alliance and the Federation establish their own colonies within ten years.

Confederacy of Nations

Specific information on the confederacies.

Membership of Confederacy

2041 - 2062

The first nations to join:
United States


2062 - 2068

The formation of several alliances, federations, and commonwealths.

The Build Up

2068 - 2078

The gradual increase in tension between the three main powers. A shadowy arms race is conducted as the powers prepare for open warfare.

Membership of Confederacy

2068 - 2078

Membership of the Confederacy following the Restructuring:
Anglo-European Alliance
New Asian Commonwealth
The American Federated Nations

The Border Disputes

01/23/2070 - 08/29/2074

A proxy war fought between the Commonwealth and the Alliance over the Ural Mountains. An estimated 400,000 are killed in the fighting.

The Fracture

2078 - 2081

The Confederacy splits as the three powers begin to wage war. The war ends with relatively little change as to the location of each power's political borders. Australia, a previous neutral party is contested over by the Federated Nations and the Commonwealth.

Dissolution Treaty


The official end of the Confederacy of Nations. The Commonwealth, Federation, and the Alliance split into three separate entities.

Specific Events

Specific information

Miguel Antonio Assassinated


U.S. President Miguel Antonio is assassinated en-route to a Confederacy of Nations summit. The assassins remain unknown and uncaught.

Quan Chang Assassinated


Chinese Premier Quan Chang is assassinated, presumably by the same organization that assassinated Miguel Antonio.

First Operational Cyborg


Scientists in Germany successfully fuse organic matter with computer microchips, creating a tissue which performs better than normal human skin. Due to the expense no full cyborg can be created for many years thereafter.

Norris Brigs Assassinated


British Prime Minister is assassinated in his home. Professional opinion is that he was assassinated by the same organization that killed Miguel Antonio, and Quan Chang.

The Seven Day War

04/09/2064 - 04/16/2064

Widespread anarchy and mob violence in the United States. Over two thousand die in a seven day period. The riots come following the US decision to join the Federation.

OPEC International Energy Convention


An International convention showing off advances in energy systems, such as solar wind, and other eco-friendly methods.

The International Convention Of Ethics

12/12/2068 - 12/20/2068

A gathering of all Confederacy members to agree on and enforce the conduct of warfare and prisoner treatment. Many other issues are discussed and a consensus is reached in 8 days. The resulting treaty is ignored in The Border Disputes and is loosely followed in the Fracture.

Border Treaty


A treaty brokered by the Federation which settled the official border between the Commonwealth and the Alliance. Fighting continued for some time afterwards and was blamed on local insurgents. Official border existed only in name.

Confederacy Resolution Treaty


The treaty which settled the fighting between the three main powers. The exact date of signature is unknown and likely to stay that way.

Bushfire Embargo


The day when the Bushfire Embargo of the Federation was formally signed by the Commonwealth. Knowledge of the embargo was kept from the people of both the Commonwealth and the Federation until the Panic Day. While the Commonwealth's economy also took a blow from this it was substantially lower as the Commonwealth just shifted market priorities from the Federation to the Alliance.

Panic Day


The day when the Commonwealth embargo was officially announced in the Federation. Stocks took a sharp drop and economy generally tanked.

The Bushfire Settlement


Land Settlement where the Federation surrendered their captured territory to the Commonwealth in exchange for economic assistance.

Commonwealth Colony


The date at which the colony of Beachhead is founded by the Commonwealth. Within ten years almost 10,000 live in the underground colony.

Federation Colony


The Federation Colony of Plymouth is founded. Survivors of the impending crisis return to Earth and the expedition is deemed a failure.

Alliance Colony


The Alliance colony of Whales is founded, and within ten years boasts a population equal to that of Beachhead.

Federated Colony Crisis

06/02/2163 - 06/11/2163

Following a fusion reactor meltdown in the central power plant of the Federation's Mars colony the power is off for nine days. Life Support is unpowered and thousands die of asphyxiation and other hazards that come with no air, water, or heat. The miraculous timing of a resupply ship allows the power to be restored after the nine days of hell. An estimated 70% of the colony died before help arrived.