KC Accord


First Accord Agent in KC

May 5, 1932

The first Accord Agent was sent to KC to keep the actions of the "Truth" uner watch.

Union Station Massacre

June 17, 1933

The Union Station Massacre was the not caused by an escaping convict rather the actions of local “Truth” cultists

Accord Cell Formed in KC

February 18, 1934

The Accord Cell of Kansas City offically goes active today

Election Day Gun Battles

November 4, 1934

The series of gun battles on election day were a string of fights between Accord Agents and "Truth" cultists.

1957 Tornado

May 20, 1957

This was an attempted large scale breech by the reality bending Horror know as the "Truth"

Hyatt Skywalk Collapse

July 17, 1981

The Hyatt Crown Center Skywalk Collapse was caused by Agents of the “Truth”

Accord Cell Takes over Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base

July 15, 1994

When Richards Gebaur Air Force Base is Mothballed The Kansas City Cell Moves in and takes over the property