Ancient History


Hunter/Gatherers "Paleolithic" Old Stone Age

15000 bc - 10200 bc

Hunter-gartherers settle Nile River Valley

Early Farming "Neolithic" New Stone Age

10200 bc - 4500 bc

First City

8000 bc

The City of Jericho founded

Agriculture begins along Nile River

5000 bc


3300 bc - 2014 ad


3300 bc

Iceman found in the Alps

First Writing

3200 bc

Summerians in Mesopotamia develop writing


3150 bc - 2014 ad


3100 bc - 332 bc

Bronze Age

3000 bc

India's early civilization begins

3000 bc

Egypt's Old Kingdom

2600 bc - 2050 bc

The Egyptians of the Old Kingdom built huge stone pyramids as tombs for their pharaohs.

Great Pyramid at Giza Built

2600 bc


2250 bc

Sargon conquers Mesopotamia

Egypt's Middle Kingdom

2050 bc - 1550 bc

The Middle Kingdom was a golden age of peace, prosperity, and advances in the arts and architecture.


2000 bc - 2014 ad


2000 bc - 2014 ad


1792 bc - 1750 bc

Babylonian King Hammurabi

First Laws

1790 bc

Hammurabi introduces code of laws

Shang Dynasty

1750 BC - 1045 BC

Leaders - Numerious Kings with large Armies
Developed social classes
Influenced Chinese religion Culture
Created Chinese written language


1700 bc - 2014 ad

Egypt's New Kingdom

1550 bc - 1080 bc

Druing the New Kingdom, Egypt acquired new territory and reached the height of its power.

Aryans arrive in India

1500 bc


1473 bc - 1458 bc

Ruled as Egypts 1st Female Pharaoh during this time,

Moses leads Israelites from Egypt

1290 bc

Ramses II

1279 bc - 1213 bc

Regned for 66 yrs and was best remembered for being a military leader who expanded and restored Egypt


1045 bc - 256 bc

Leader - WU
Longest lasting dynasty
Mandate of Heaven
Developed irrigation and flood control, this allowed farmers to grow more crops for the growing population

David becomes king

1000 bc


900 bc

Assyrians controlled Mesopotamia


650 bc - 2014 ad

Nebuchadnezzar captures Jerusalem

597 bc

Budda "Siddhartha Gautama"

563 bc - 483 bc

Thinker and teacher " Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think" The Budda


551 bc - 479 bc

Great thinker during Chinese History

Persians conquers Chaldeans

539 bc


495 bc - 429 bc

Pericles was a powerful Greek leader during the golden age

Chandragupta Maurya unites northern India

321 bc

Qin Shiguangdi

259 bc - 210 bc

United all of Chinese States and became 1st Emperor
Started the construction of the Great Wall
Had a entire lifelike tomb built for the afterlife

Qin Dynasty

221 bc - 206 bc

Leader - Qin Shihuangdi
Strengthened government
Created A money system
Started the great wall
Terracotta Army

Han Dynasty

202 bc - 220 ad

Leader - Liu Bang
Population and territory expanded
Silk Road allowed trade to expand
Created Civil Service
Major Inventions - paper, acupuncture
Advanced Sea Travel


6 bc - 30 ad

Life of Jesus led to rise of Christianity

Medieval Europe

500 ad - 1500 ad

During the Middle Ages, Western Europe built a new civilization based on Christian, Roman, and Germanic ways.

Black Death Arrives in Europe

1347 ad - 1351 ad

The disease swept across Europe and Asia. Most scientists think the Black Death was bubonic plaque - a disease caused by a type of bacteria carried by fleas. These fleas infested black rats , and in the Middle Ages, these rats were everywhere.

Joan of Arc

1412 ad - 1431 ad

Spanish Exploration

1519 AD - 1600 AD

French Exploration

1556 AD - 1664 AD

Jacques Cartier,

England Exploration

1607 - 1610

John Smith

Pilgrim Exploration

1619 AD - 1621 AD