South Carolinas past


San Miguel de Gualdape

1475 - 1526

Was the first European colony trying to live in North America but failed.Famine, disease, and unrest in the black and American Indian populations made the colony fail and return their homes.

Eastern Woodland Indians

1491 - 1492

The Eastern Woodland Indians lived by the Mississippi River and lived a peaceful life. They made weapons and tools for their survival and our foundation of the USA.

Port royal


Was one of the early amphibious operations of the American civil war. In which the Confederate tries to invade the Union through a water assault.

Triangle Slave Trade

1600 - 1900

This was when 3 countries were trading slaves with each other in a triangle shape. The slaves were shipped from the Caribbean islands to Europe from Europe to Africa and from Africa back to the Caribbean's. each carried slaves, crops, cash, and more.

Plantation System

1600 - 1800

The division of land into smaller units under private ownership became known as the plantation system.

13 English Colonies

1607 - 1732

The 13 colonies were colonies established by the British. The colonies were per ament and helped build America.



This is when the economy trades with other countries to supply themselves.

Slave codes

1650 - 1833

Slaves codes were made after several slave rebellions to enforce laws against slaves.

Proprietary colony

1660 - 1690

A royal colony is a colony in which one or more individuals retain rights from others.

Rice and indigo trade


With the slave system established, rice became a major export.

Yemassee war

1715 - 1717

The British were trying to set up colonies on the Indians lands (Yemassee, Catawba, Cherokee and others) and the indians didn't like this. So they started attack the colonies along with other tribes

Stono Rebellion


When a group of slaves wanted freedom and robbed a gun store. They walked for miles killing whites and slave owners until they were ambushed and killed the next day.

French and Indian war

1754 - 1763

Conflicts between British, America, and New France.

Cherokee war

1758 - 1761

Conflicts between the British and Cherokee during the French and Indian war

Royal colony


14 overseas British territories

Sugar act


An act for granting certain duties in the British colonies and plantations in America

Sons of liberty


The Sons of Liberty was a group consisting of American patriots that protect the rights of the colonists

Stamp Act


An act of the British Parliament that exacted revenue from the American colonies by imposing a stamp duty on newspapers, glass, and tea

Regular movement

1765 - 1771

Was when North and South Carolina rebelled against officials together

Tea Act

1773 - 1861

The Americans would not buy tea unless its from the company they want it from.

Revolutionary war

1775 - 1783

When the British wanted to control the 13 colonies and we wanted freedom. We fought back and e equally won.

South Carolina constitution of 1776


This describes how the government works for SC.

Deceleration of Independence


This meant were free from British controlling the 13 colonies. This gave us freedom and rights to do what we want.

Articles of Confederation

1777 - 1781

The 13 founding states had an old constitution and replaced it with a new one

Battle of Kings Mountain


The Britsh and Patriots fought near York County. In a patriot win defeating Major Patrick Ferguson of the 71st Foot.

Battle of Camden

1780 - 1781

Took place during the revolutionary war when the British invading the Americans in Camden. This was a major victory for the British.

Battle of Eutaw Springs


Was one of the last major battles in the carolinas. British defeated the patriots.

Battle of Cowpens


The patriots were on the verge of loosing the war. They defeated the British and this was considered the turning point of the war, because now the patriots has the advantage

3/5 compromise


This was going to determine all the states taxes,wealth, and population. This helped the states stay organized.



This was established so no one could have to much power. Everyone had the same equal power and the constitution kept one from getting more power than others

Commerce compromise


The government would tax imports but not exports. This way they could make money.

Great compromise


Was an agreement that large and s,all during the constitutional convention of 1787 that in part defined the Legislative Structure

Cotton Gin


The cotton gin was a machine hand cranked cotton seeds from cotton fiber. Slaves often used this for the whites because cotton was considered gold.

Cotton trade

1794 - 1861

When the people would trade cotton for other useful items.

Embargo Act

1807 - 1808

Was to keep France and Great B's from sending cargo. This way we looked neutral and not look like we're helping out the other

War of 1812

1812 - 1815

A war between the Maericans and Great Britain. They fought kept gaining and losing ground but in all no ground was lost or gained.

William T. Sherman

1820 - 1891

Was a famous American soldier,business,educator and an author.

Denmark Vesey plot


Denmark Vessy developed Alan to start a massive slave rebellion.

Abolitionist movement

1830 - 1870

The abolitionist movement was an attempt to free all slaves. This was going to have all men equal and the ending of racial segregation.

Nullification Act

1832 - 1833

Was a sectional crisis during Andrew Jackson as president.

Robert Smalls

1839 - 1915

He was a slave during and after the civil war.

Dred Scott Decision

1846 - 1857

In this day the U.S. Supreme Court issues a decision. This decision gave the government to have no power to regulate slaves in territories.

Kansas-Nabraska Act


When Kansas and Nebraska were created and they opened new territories for settlement.

Election of 1860


Was the 19th election of the US. The president was Rutherford Hayes.


1860 - 1861

When you withdraw from something. It can be from trading with countries, or an organization.

Ft. Sumter


This was a 34-hour bombardment on Ft. Sumter near Charleston. The Confederate invaded the Union and took over Sumter, this was the start of the war.

Creation of the Confederate States of America


This was when the southern states created an alliance to free slaves. They refused to join the nation because they believed they were turning on them.

Civil War

1861 - 1865

The civil war was a war fought between the union and Confederate. They went to war because of slavery which the Confederate supported but the Union didn't.

Total War

1864 - 1865

A war in which the resources and population were free to anyone.

Lincoln's assassination


On April 14 Lincoln was at a play. John Wilks the killer came up and killed him.