Jewish History 2 Semester 1 Timeline-Natanel Esraeilian



Churban Bayit Sheni

70 AD

Under the rule of the general Titus, Roman soldiers destroyed a lot of Yerushalayim and the second temple.

Bar Kochva Revolt


This was the rebellion against the Roman Empire that led to the changing of Judea's name to Palestine.At this time many jews leave Judea/Palestine and move elsewhere. It was led by Bar Kochva

Reinstatement of The Beit Din


After the Bar Kochva Revolt, there are now many jews in the diaspora. In the year 150 CE the felt that they could no longer look to Palestine for leadership. For this reason they decided to reconstitute a Beit Din, and were given permission to do so by Antonius Pius.

The Mishna Is Written


About 150 years prior, Rav Yochanan Ben Zakkai put a big emphasis on torah learning. Once it started to get going, Rabbi Yehuda felt that it started to get so big to the point that it has to be written down or else it will be forgotten.

Talmud Yerushalmi

400 - 500

The talmud that was written in palestine. It was written earlier than the talmud bavli so it included less. It is the compilation of the writings of the Amoraim, who were mainly if not all of from Palestine.


First Confirmed Reish Galuta


They were mainly political figureheads/leaders for the jews, rather than spiritual.They reported to the caliph and maintained fairly good relationships with him. All of them were descendants of King David and most of them were really smart torah scholars.

Talmud Bavli


The talmud that was written in Babylon around the year 500.It was written in a growing population so it became more prominent than the Talmud Yerushalmi. Ravina and Rav Ashi compiled it.

Start of Geonic Era


The Geonim were roshei yeshivot of torah academies in either Pumbedita or Sura. They wrote the response which was a very powerful tool used to connect him to the jewish people and to connect the jewish people amongst themselves.

Arabian Peninsula

There Is A Jewish King In Yemen


In this year there was a Yemenite king who converted to Judaism, or a jewish person was chosen as king. This shows how influential and how big of a part jews were in their society.

Joseph Dhu Nowas

517 - 525

During his rule he killed thousands in what he thought to be a Christian revolt. The Christian king of Ethiopia was asked by a survivor of Dhu Nhowas’ slaughter to come and help him out with the Jewish anti christain Yemenite king. The Ethiopian king agreed and invaded Yemen and Dhu Nowas ran away on his horse into the ocean.

Discrimination Against Jews/Christians in Baghdad


At this time in Baghdad Jews were forced to wear a yellow badge and the Christians were forced to wear blue ones. Also, no aspect of a Non-Muslim's clothing was allowed to be as nice as the Muslims' because it says so in the Pact of Omar.


Jesus' Crucifixion

33 CE

Jesus was arrested and tried by Pontius Pilate. He was crucified as a punishment for calling himself the “King of The Jews”.

Council of Nicaea


This was when the church came into being. This is when they finalize what to canonize in the new testament. Also, this is when they decided what to make legal within the church.

Christianity Made The Official Religion of The Roman Empire


This was the year when the Emperor Theodosius I officially declared Rome’s official religion to be christianity.


Gabriels Appearance to Muhammad


While Muhammad was asleep, Angel Gabriel called out from heaven to him saying ”Recite! Recite! Recite!”. It was at this time that Muhammed first believed himself to be a prophet.

Muhammads Hijra to Medina/Yathrib


The Writing Down of The Quran

632 - 634

The Quran may have first been written down by Muhammad's disciple Abu Bakr. other than this, the Quran remained primarily an oral text in the minds of the faithful.