Roman Empire: Political Evolution


Turmoil between patricians and plebeians

509 BCE - 287 BCE

Punic Wars

264 BCE - 146 BCE

Civil War

49 BCE - 44 BCE

Great fire in Rome

64 CE

Emperor Nero blames Christians

"Barbarian" invasions

300 CE - 400 CE


Founding of Constantine as the "New Rome"

324 CE

Roman Empire split into eastern and western halves

395 CE


Traditional date of Rome's founding as a monarchy

753 BCE

Establishment of Roman Republic

509 BCE

Twelve Tables (Rome's first written law code)

450 BCE

Julius Caesar appointed dictator and then assassinated

49 BCE - 44 BCE

Reign of Caesar Augustus

27 BCE - 14 CE

Roman citizenship extended to almost all free subjects

212 CE

Collapse of western Roman Empire

476 CE


Constantine converts to Christianity

312 CE