Richard Chase



May 23, 1950 - December 26, 1980

Family moves into first house.


They had previously rented an apartment.

Kills and tortures animals.


Mainly cats

Family problems escalate & Chase's mother is seen by two physchiatrists.


Financial problems, family house is lost.


Mira Loma High School

1964 - 1968

C's, D's, and F's. Recieves diploma.

Arrested for possession of marijuana, ordered to do work on weekends.

1965 - 1966

American River College

1968 - April 1971

C's. Consistent use of drugs. Briefly seen by psychiatrist.

Counseled for erectile dysfunction.


Physchiatrist suggests the cause is suppressed anger. Also believed he was suffering from mental illness, but no further counseling was received.

Rents an apartment with friends.

February 1971 - May 1971

Boards up the closet and room doors. Consistently and heavily uses marijuana. When they ask him to move out, he refused. They moved out, which forced Chase to return to his parents' house.

Chase's parents divorce.

May 1972

Chase's parent's divorce is finalized.

November 1972

He spends equal time with both mother and father.

Travels to Utah and is arrested and jailed for a traffic violation.

November 1972

Chase is seen by a number of physicians and a neurologist.


Seen for "head injuries" and "stomach aches". The neurologist determines Chase "had a psychiatric disturbance of major proportions."

Attends a friend's apartment party.

April 1973

After fondling a girl, Chase is asked to leave. He then returns to the party and cops arrive to escort him out. A .22 caliber gun falls from his belt, and Chase is arretested and jailed. His father bails him out.

Moves to Los Angles.

May 1973

He lives with his grandmother. After his multiple false complaints of head injuries and other illnesses, she sends him back to Sacramento because she can't tolerate his behavior.

Chase is entered into the American River Hospital in Sacramento

December 1, 1973

Chase told doctors and nurses someone had stolen his pulmonary artery and his blood flow had stopped. He was admitted to the Psychiatric Ward. His mother later took him out.

Chase's parents are still convinced Chase was using drugs.