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Relics of Matthew brought from page strum to Salerno


Bloch p 213

Melo of Bari introduces Norman Mercenaries into Italy

1011 - 2/2/1011

See mtecss biz a west page 172

Victory of Melos' NormannKnights at Cannae

1018 - 2/2/1018

Pg 172 MTV biz west bloch

Pope Leo is elected

1046 - 2/2/1046

The reform which had spread from Cluny all over western and Central Europe, had in 1046 installed in the person of LeoXI it's first great representative on the papal throne. Quote from pg 189 bloch

Leo xi holds council in salerno and siponto

1050 - 2/2/1050

Desidarius "opens friendly relations " with Robert Guiscard

4/12/1058 - 4/13/1058

Pg 192 bloch

Anti-Norman pope& abbot of mc dies and desidarius "opens friendly relations " with Robert Guiscard

Guiscard invades Sicily


Desidarius' basilica at mte CSS dedicated


Dedicated by pope Alexander ii

Sant'Angelo in formis built by order of desidarius


Pg 200 bloch

Guiscard conquers Salerno


Construction of the original chapel at the Norman palace in Palermo


Relics of Matthew rediscovered


Pope Gregory VII besieged in Castel Sant'Angelo

1084 - 2/10/1084

The aged Pope was besieged until Robert Guiscard and his army came to his rescue.

Gregory VII dedicates Salerno Cathedral

1085 - 2/2/1085

Desidarius becomes pope victor ii


Concordat of Worms (23 Sept): formally ends the Investiture Controversy.


Concordat of Worms (23 Sept): formally ends the Investiture Controversy. Compromise is reached in a meeting at Worms, Germany, between pope and emperor over the issue of investiture: Pope and emperor agreed that 1) bishops would invest newly consecrated bishops with the religious symbols of their office, while 2) the emperor would then invest them with the symbols of their temporal rule. Bishops were to be freely elected by their clergy, but the emperor (or a rep) had the right to be present at the election. Bishops also had to do homage to the emperor for the royal fiefs (regalia) they held from him. This compromise acknowledged the dual office of bishop. Insofar as the bishop is spiritual, he belongs to the clergy alone. Insofar as he is an earthly ruler endowed with jurisdictional rights, he is a subject of the emperor from whom he has received these rights.

Roger ii becomes king of Sicily

1130 - 1154

Capella palatinate built


Mosaics of the left hand apse

1200 - 1290

Mosaics of the right hand apse