Civil War Timeline


Battle Of Fort Sumpter


South Carolina, Confederate victory

Civil War

04/12/1861 - 05/09/1865

Anaconda Plan


-General-in-Chief Winfield Scott's plan to subdue the seceding southern states
-Blockade of southern ports
-"Anaconda smothering its victim"

Battle Of Sewell's Point

05/18/1861 - 05/19/1861

Virginia, Union gunboats fight inconclusive battle w/ Confederate artillery

Battle Of Aquia Creek

05/29/1861 - 06/01/1861

West Virginia, Union Victory

Battle Of Philippi (West Virginia)


Union victory

Battle Of Big Bethel


Confederate victory

Battle Of Boonville (Missouri)


Union victory

Battle Of Hoke's Run


West Virginia, Union Victory

1st Battle Of Bull Run


Manassas Junction, Virginia.
-Generals Irvin McDowell, Joseph E. Johnston, P.G.T. Beauregard
-First major land battle of the Civil War

Peninsula Campaign

03/1862 - 07/1862

-Peninsula between the York/James Rivers toward Richmond, Virginia
-Generals/Leaders George B. McClellan, John B. Magruder, Joseph E. Johnston, Robert E. Lee
-Turning movement against Confederates to capture their capital, Richmond, Virginia

Monitor vs Merrimack

03/08/1862 - 03/09/1862

-Sewell's Point, near Hampton Roads, Virginia
-Generals/Leaders Louis M. Goldsborough, John Marston, Franklin Buchanan, Catesby ap Roger Jones
-Most important naval battle of Civil War


04/06/1862 - 04/07/1862

-Hardin County, Tennessee.
-Generals/Leaders Ulysses S. Grant, Don Carlos Buell, Albert Sidney Johnston, P.G.T. Beauregard
-Confederates launched attack on Union, but lost on second day

2nd Battle Of Bull Run

08/28/1862 - 08/30/1862

-Prince William County, Virginia.
-Generals John Pope, Robert E. Lee
-Largest mass assault of the Civil War



Sharpsburg, New England. Union victory


12/11/1862 - 12/15/1862

-Spotsylvania County and Fredericksburg, Virginia.
-Generals Ambrose E. Burnside and Robert E. Lee
-Considered one of the most one-sided battles of the Civil War. -Union deaths were two times higher than Confederate side.


05/18/1863 - 07/04/1863

-Warren County, Mississippi
-Generals Ulysses S. Grant, John C.Pemberton
-Turning point in war
-Cut off communication with Trans-Mississippi Confederates


07/01/1863 - 07/03/1863

-Adams County, Pennsylvania
-Generals/Leaders George G. Meade, John F. Reynolds, Robert E. Lee
-Largest number of casulties in Civil War

Sherman's March to the Sea

11/15/1864 - 12/21/1864

-From Atlanta, Georgia to Savannah, Georgia
-Major General William Tecumseh Sherman
-Broke the South's mental and physical desire to wage war by destroying all things Confederate/South in their wake


03/29/1865 - 04/9/1865

-Richmond/ Petersburg Virginia
-Generals/Leaders Ulysses S. Grant, George G. Meade, Edward Ord, Philip Sheridan, Robert E. Lee
-End of the Civil War
-Lee's surrender at Appomattox Court House