World War II Causes


The "Stab in the Back" theory was developed


This theory sugggested to the people that a second world war would be winnable. Still not totally accepting defeat from the first, many were open to the idea

Nazism Develops


The Nazi party is a fascist type group. It mainly gave the German pepole groups to blame for the worlds problems

Hitler unsuccessfully tries to overtrow the Wiemar Republic


Known as the Beer Hall Putsch, Hitler tried to overthrow Germany's government because of his strong hate for Berlin rule. For this he gathered 600 members of the SA to surround the hall to intimidate the leaders inside.

The Great Depression occurs


The Great Depression lead many European economies to fallout, and lead many to believe they were not trustable

Nazism becomes the largest party in Germany


After the Wiemar republic was proved a failure, and Hitlers great speeches about Nazism, many believed it to be a great thing.

Hitler becomes Furher of Germany


After President Paul von Hindenburg died, Hitler became Fuher. He stopped the last remants of democracy in Germany to be able to begin his "Third Reich".

Benito Mussolini invades Africa


First, he sent a letter to North African government calling for a "Total conquest of Africa", and finally found an excuse to do so in 1935

Japan attacks China in the Second Sino-Japanese War


Previous conflict lead Japan to lead an all out attack on China, leading to many massacres on the streets.

The Anschluss occurs


The Auschless let Austria become an official part of Germany. Many people were very happy about it.

German troops invade Prague


This was a carefully planned attack by Hitler, and was under German rule until the end of WWII.