Timeline of The NewWorld


Christopher Colombus

October 12 1492

Christopher found America in October 12, 1492 in search of new land.

Europeans explore America


Europeans explore America in 1472 -1500 for land.

Jamestown: The 1st Permanent English Settlement

May 14, 1607

On May 14, 1607, a small company of
settlers landed at a point on the James River
in Virginia and established the settlement of
Jamestown. It was the first permanent
English settlement in the New World

The Pilgrims land at Plymouth


The colonist made Plymouth colony in 1620 in Mass. because they were searching for freedom.

The 13 colonies are settled


in 1732 the last colony was finally made. they were made by the colonists. they were trying to start a new country in the new world.

The French and Indian War


The what is the French and Indian War. The who is Great Britain and France. The where is in North America. The when is from 1754 to 1763. The why is that it began with a dispute over the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, the site of present-day Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The American Revolution


The Americans & British were fighting in war from 1775-1783 on America grounds for Independence.

Causes of the American Revolution


The American Colonies were having problems with the Government in the years 1774 - 1783 in America because the King was unfair.

The Articles of Confederation

November 15, 1777

The Articles of Confederation were created in 1777 as a Government for the 13 Colonies In America.

The Constitutional Convention


The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was made to Create a government for America