Post-War Events


Iron Curtain Speech

March 5, 1946

Winston Churchill's Most Famous post-war speech

Molotov Plan


Provide Political Aid to allies of Soviet Union

Truman Doctrine

March 12, 1947

Asked Congress for 400 Million Dollars

Marshall Plan

June 1947

Provided aid to rebuild economies

Berlin Blockade

June 1948

Attempt to limit France, UK and US's ability to travel to their part of Berlin


April 1949

Mutual Defense Alliance was created

Berlin Airlift

May 12,1949

11 months of sending necessities to Berlin

USSR tests Bomb

August 29, 1949

Soviets exploded their first atomic bomb

Warsaw Pact

May 14, 1955

Soviet Reaction to the integration of West Germany into NATO

Invasion of Hungary 1956

October 23, 1956

Hungarian Revolution or uprising

Berlin Wall

August 13, 1961

Built to keep citizens from fleeing the country

Invasion of Czechoslovakia

August 20,1968

Stop Reformist trends in Prague