Silas Magnus Timeline

for use of the PC Silas Magnus in the nWoD: The Accord chronicle by the Mind's Eye Society (this timeline is proposed and subject to change/approval)

The Life and Times of Silas Magnus


1013 CE

Constantinople, Byzantine Empire


1013 CE

Calais/Silas begins his life in the city of Constantinople, Byzantine Empire

The First Step

1026 CE

Calais begins to work for Andronikas, a well regarded alchemist. Andronikas becomes Calais' mentor into the paths of alchemy and education, but also, after a time, immortality.

Blood of Kings

1030 CE

Calais, now 17 and promised immortality by Andronikos, travels to Egypt to procure enough of one of the elixir's ingredients, "the blood of kings". According to Andronikos, the essence taken from any buried as royalty would do. In order to avoid local legal problems, Andronikos sends Calais to Egypt to obtain the essence from one of their famed tombs.


1054 CE

A large supernova is observed by astronomers, the remnants of which would form the Crab Nebula.

Discord & Opportunity

1054 CE

At the time of the Crab Nebula supernova, a Byzantine cult dedicated to the demon Abyzou sows discord and fear in the poorer section of Constantinople.

The cult had long been in possession of a rare ingredient needed for the alchemist's elixir. Calais infiltrates the cult's church and obtains the ingredient while the cult is out and about.

Life Anew

1070 CE

Takes name Silas Magnus, replaces Andronikos at shop and begins mastering the trade of Alchemy

Attains Immortality

1070 CE

Constantinople, Byzantine Empire


1073 CE

The cult of Abyzou determines Silas had stolen from them nearly two decades previous. They raid his shop in the middle of the night, destroying what they cannot take and stealing much.

Silas takes the long view, realizing it is simply stuff that he can re-accumulate. He does not seek revenge against the cult.


1076 CE

As Calais has not been seen in quite some time, he is presumed dead.

Casting Out

1095 CE

Silas is called to assist a noblewoman in labor. He performs a ritual to cast out a powerful demon attempting to possess the infant.

Successful, Silas realizes the cult of Abyzou will have issues anew with him. He begins to make preparations to leave Constantinople.

Moves to Southern France

1100 CE

Journeys from Constantinople to Perpignan, France. The journey takes the better part of the year.

Treaty of Alton

1101 CE

The Treaty of Alton, an agreement between Henry I of England and his older brother Robert, Duke of Normandy in which Robert agreed to recognize Henry as king of England in exchange for a yearly stipend and other concessions, is signed.

The Consultant

1101 CE

Silas engaged as a consultant to divine to fortune of the Duke of Normandy by a minor, superstitious French diplomat. Needing additional funds and some travel papers, Silas plays along and comes up with some fairly generic, but useful enough, predictions. This event brings Silas to England for the first time.

Moves to Andorra

1300 CE

Relocates from Perpignan to Andorra

The Black Death

1347 CE - 1351 CE

The Bubonic plague, one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, strikes. Peaking in Europe between 1348 and 1350, and killing between 75 million and 200 million people.

Life vs Death

1349 CE

Silas, who initially helped victims of the plague, begins to reconsider his actions. The plague is emotionless, taking the lives of the rich and poor alike. The immortal starts to think this is the planet's way of self correcting the errors of humanity.

The Council Acts

1400 CE

The Council supervises a huge operation to remove all credible historical records regarding supernaturals. Masquerade, etc are all strengthened.

Moves to Malta

1420 CE

Hears rumors of "The Council" and its purge of supernatural records. Takes advantage and discretely moves to Malta to hide from the eyes of the watchful.

Maltese Revolution

1425 CE

Silas' timing of a quiet move to Malta runs smack into the Maltese Revolution. Silas ends up participating, lending logistical support and tactics to the revolutionaries.

The Fall of Constantinople

1453 CE

The Fall of Constantinople marks the end of the Byzantine Empire and the death of the last Roman Emperor Constantine XI and the beginning of the Growth of the Ottoman Empire.

The Spanish Inquisition

1481 CE

Unexpectedly, the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, commonly known as the Spanish Inquisition, a tribunal established in 1480 by Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile begins in practice with the first auto-da-fé.


1485 CE

Agents of the Inquisition follow rumors of "an immortal witch" to Silas' new home on Malta. Silas is able to use a combination of cunning and misdirection to lead the Inquisitors to to believe the "witch" had moved on to Alexandria, in Egypt.

Meeting Interrupted

1487 CE

While regaining Essence in Shadow, Silas runs into another purified, Aesa. Shortly thereafter the two are interrupted in their initial discussion by the Inquisition, who is chasing both immortals for different reasons. Silas and Aesa begin a journey outwitting and evading the Inquisition agents for the following two years.

Stay-over in Constantinople

1491 CE - 1492 CE

Silas spends this year in his hometown.

Home again

1491 CE - 1492 CE

Silas and Aesa find themselves in Constantinople. They spend the year in the city, dealing with the descendants of the doomsday cults Silas dealt with centuries before.

Eurasian Travels

1492 CE - 1507 CE

Silas travels with Aesa throughout western African and the Indian sub-continent before traveling to Tibet.

Moves to New World

1637 CE

Relocates to Massachusetts Bay Colony, specifically the area around modern day Salem, MA

Witch Trials

1692 CE

Silas leaves Salem near the start of the Witch Trials, not wishing to get caught up in their madness (or be exposed).

Moves to Martha's Vineyard

1692 CE

Relocates to Menemsha, Martha's Vineyard. This residence is presumed to be his primary residence to this day.

A Minor Birth

1703 CE

September 9th, 1703 - Constance Brewer (NPC) is born outside of London.

Profound Meeting

1742 CE

Silas meets Constance Ainsworth, née Brewer (NPC), a widow with a varied and complicated past. Constance is a school teacher on Martha's Vineyard, and also a journeyman alchemist. After a few discussions, Silas agrees to be Constance's mentor to becoming Purified.

Boston Massacre

1770 CE

The Incident on King Street - was an incident on March 5, 1770, in which British Army soldiers killed five civilian men and injured six others.

The Boston Tea Party

1773 CE

The Destruction of the Tea - December 16, 1773, after officials in Boston refused to return three shiploads of taxed tea to Britain, a group of colonists, the Sons of Liberty, boarded the ships and destroyed the tea by throwing it into Boston Harbor.

American Revolution

1775 CE - 1783 CE

The American Revolution

All Aboard

1850 CE - 1860 CE

Silas assists the Underground Railroad, enabling numerous slaves passage to freedom.

Civil War

1861 CE - 1865 CE

The War Between the States

Those Who Keep the Keys


Called together by the vampire Jacques Lafayette Saunier, Silas becomes one of the founding members of the Gatekeeprs: a group of occult specialists bound together with the common cause of defending the world from threats from other Realms.

"Laurence White"

1900 CE - 1936 CE

Laurence White - Silas's alias in over three decades, a surveyor/old money adventurer.

Council of Mysteries

1901 CE

Silas attends the Council of Mysteries in Boston, MA.

You'll believe...


Silas, as Laurence White, flies in a heavier than air craft for the first time. Soon, Silas begins taking lesson and becomes and aviator in his own right.

White Hunter

1908 CE - 1914 CE

Silas takes a safari to what is now Kenya and Tanzania. He grows outraged at the flagrant slaughter of the wildlife. Over the next few years Silas engages mercenary groups to hunt the hunters. He continues to disrupt the activities of European hunters until the outbreak of World War I.

East Africa

1909 CE - 1914 CE

Silas spends much of his time in Africa on safari, though his official residence remains in Martha's Vineyard.

Great Molasses Flood

1919 CE

On January 15th, 1919 a large molasses storage tank burst, and a wave of molasses rushed through the streets at an estimated 35 mph, killing 21 and injuring 150.

Slow, Sticky Specters

1919 CE

With the sudden death of so many, Silas works to resolve numerous fetters and enable the restless dead resulting from the Molasses Flood to pass on.

"Alexander Ahab"

1936 CE - 1956 CE

Alexander Ahab - Silas's alias during this time frame; primarily known as a mercenary and occultist working for OSS against the Nazis

World War II

1939 CE - 1944 CE

The Allies vs the Axis powers.

European Theater

1940 CE - 1945 CE

Silas acts in the European Theater of War (with some excursions around the world as ties/events dictate)

Standing Against Evil

1940 CE - 1945 CE

Silas heads to Europe in February of 1940 to act against the Axis powers. He sets himself up as a freelancer who combats the more occult elements of the Nazi forces.

Cocoanut Grove Fire

1942 CE

November 28, 1942 - This club was the scene of the deadliest nightclub fire in US history, killing 492 people (which was 32 more than the building's authorized capacity) and injuring hundreds more.

Operation Deus Volt

1944 CE

A group known as "L'Enfants Diabolique" are attempting a mass demon summoning, to create a platoon of Possessed soldiers. The mission to take them down is dubbed Operation Deus Volt by the Americans.

Silas joins other occultists and a special US Army detachment to defeat "L'Enfants Diabolique".

The Allies are victorious. A few of the occultists, just as John Harkin, will go on to work with Silas in the Accord.

Boston/Martha's Vineyard

1945 CE

After the war, Silas returns to the States, splitting time between homes in Boston and Martha's Vineyard.

A Death

1948 CE

Constance attempts to become Purified. She fails. Silas is devastated.

Hotel Vendome Fire

1972 CE

June 17, 1972 - The Hotel Vendome fire was the worst firefighting tragedy in Boston history. Nine firefighters were killed when part of the building collapsed.

"Michael Ames"

1989 CE - 2000 CE

Michael Ames - old money/aviator, this is Silas' mortal alias during these two decades

The Council Anew

1999 CE

John Smith returns and revitalizes the Council, reforming it as the Accord to fight The Truth.

The Boston Cell


Silas, after joining the Accord, returns to Boston and starts the process of founding a Cell. Most of the early history of the cell is not generally known. In 2002, Silas joins with the mage known as Mr. Ashe to formalize the cell.

"Joseph Strickland"

2000 CE - 2005 CE

Joseph Strickland - old money/philanthropist, Silas's alias during these five years, "disappears" under mysterious circumstances

The Accord

2000 CE

Silas officially joins The Accord, brought in by John Harkin, a colleague from Operation Deus Volt during WWII.

"Javed Smith"

2005 CE - Present

Javed Smith - old money/historian/writer; Silas's current mortal alias from 2010 to the current day.

Mix & Mingle

2008 CE

Silas, as Javed Smith, has become a successful author of history texts for graduate level use. He meets Professor Andrew St. James at a mixer set up by his publishing company, as Prof. St. James had supplied a quote for Javed's latest dust jacket.

Mingle & Mix

2010 CE

Silas meets Book, aka Professor Andrew St. James, again at a Council meeting.

Frank Langley Returns

2010 CE

Frank Langley appears at the Central Council meeting and kills over 100 Cell agents and the entire regional directorship.

Dire News

2010 CE

After Frank Langley's return, and the resulting massacre, Silas becomes withdrawn. He doesn't speak about what is bothering him, but it is known he hits the books fervently, researching something with great intensity.