Buyer's Transaction



This is the first step in the home-buying process. Unless you are planning on purchasing the property with an up-front payment, this crucial first step will allow you to know what you can afford.

Home-Search Begins


This is when we go to work, finding you the perfect home.

We will use a combination of methods, allowing us to focus only on the properties you will most likely be interested in.

Deciding on Your Home


After the search, you settle upon the home you want to purchase.

Determine Value, Discuss Offer


This is a crucial step. Determining a proper offer is part art, part science and part guess-work. We take into account dozens of variables; location, historical property values, local amenities and dozens of other things are factors in this process.

Complete a Purchase Agreement


A Purchase Agreement is the offer we present to the agent who is assisting the home-owners.

In it, your agent will include the letter you received telling you that you are pre-approved to purchase the home, a copy of the "earnest money" you offered, any costs that you want the seller to pay, whether or not you require an inspection, documentation on any Homeowner's Associations (if applicable), and a few other less important documents.

This is the beginning of negotiations.

Submit Offer


At this point, we have prepared our offer and we are in position to present it to the agent representing the home-owner.

We typically scan and email our offer to the agent, which we then follow up with a phone-call to reiterate our desire.



Our objective is to obtain the best possible deal for you. The challenge in negotiating a home-sale is in knowing when to push for more without jeopardizing your opportunity to purchase.

Ultimately, our role here is as an adviser. While we are charged with presenting recommendations based off of data or indicators picked up from the other agent/seller, the choice is ultimately yours.

It is not uncommon to receive multiple counter-offers during this period.

Offer Acceptance


The home-owner has agreed to the terms set during negotiations. The final Purchase Agreement will be signed by both parties.

Inspection Period


If your Purchase Agreement was made subject to an inspection, this is the period during which it will be done. If you so desire, we would be more than happy to recommend an inspector.

Completing Your Purchase


This is when your agent will work with a Title Company, a Mortgage Company and the other agent to ensure that all paperwork is submitted and completed.

We will work with you to schedule a final walk-through to ensure that the seller has vacated the property and that the conditions are similar to when the agreement to purchase was made.