Native American History


Discovery, Conquest and Treaty-making

1532 - 1828

Europeans Colonize America and begin to wipe out Native Population
They make treaties for various things

Removal and Relocation

1828 - 1887

Indians are removed from their lands as European population grows

Allotment and Assimilation

1887 - 1928

Dawes Act
Felony Crimes now judges in federal courts
Allotment Crimes take 2/3 of reserved Indian lands
Indian Boarding Schools

Reorganization and Self-Government

1928 - 1945

Mirrium report written -- states the bad quality of Indian life
Things begin to change for the better


1945 - 1961

Tribes terminated to cut federal budget for Native Americans


1961 - 2013

Laws pass to create more equality, over time Native American quality of ife improves

Laws and Treaties

Treaty with the Delaware / Treaty of Fort Pitt


1st or one of the first treaties:
Peace Treaty with Natives of Delaware

Treaty with the Six Nations


Peace Treaty

Treaty with the Oneida


Gives money to Oneida to compensate for past losses

Treaty with the Seven Nations of Canada


Reestablishes boundaries -- 7 Nations give land to US government and US government gives land to 7 nations

Treaty with the Sauk and Foxes


States that said tribe will be protected by US government

Indian removal Act


begins to move Native Americans more and more west away from growing White population

Dawes Act / General Allotment Act


Gives president of the US right to divide up Indian territory into individual plots and sell leftovers.
Gave citizenship to those who willingly gave up land and became "civilized"

Indian Boarding Schools established


Founded to rid the Native Americans of their ways and "civilize" them

Indian Citizenship Act


Gives citizenship and the right to vote to all Native Americans who don't already have it

Indian Reorganization Act


Ends Allotment Policy
Enables tribes to adopt federally approved constitutions/bylaws

Indian Civil Rights Act


Extends some of bill of rights's rights to tribal governments, but not all