Duane & Lavelle Foote Family Timeline


Initial Long Distance Acquaintance

September 1960 - June 6, 1961

Horace Foote and Tom Foster met while working on the Broadway chapel construction project in Houston. Horace and R. May encouraged their son Duane to write to Lavelle who was teaching school in Galena Park.


June 6, 1961 - December 25, 1961

Duane taught school also, and moved to Houston to further the long-distance friendship after his school year was over.


December 25, 1961 - June 6, 1962

Diamond ring was given as a Christmas gift in 1961 and a wedding was planned in Mesa, Arizona temple the following June. Fun activities during courtship and engagement included Houston Symphony concerts in the park, movies, church activities, and eating out.


June 6, 1962 - Present

Honeymoon included zoo visits and temple trips to California, St. George, and Salt Lake City. Also picked up Duane's belongings from Aunt Loreen's house in Midvale.


Jeffrey Duane

May 26, 1964 - Present

Married to Jodi, eight children (Jared, Brian, Kelli, Elena, Kacie, Allan, Darin, Aimee), and two grandchildren (Thomas, Blake). Jared married to Julianna Dittmar, Brian married to Janet Oldenburg, and Kelli married to Robert Lindeman.

Lea Anna

July 1, 1967 - Present

Andrew Emerson

May 16, 1972 - Present

Married to Trase, four children (Lindsey, Randa, Jackson, and Hayden)

Places Lived


June 1962 - July 1965

Both Duane and Lavelle taught school in the Houston area.


July 1965 - June 1967

Duane taught school (6th grade) at Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Lavelle was recruited to teach Head Start half-days (was allowed to take Jeffrey with her) with the White Mountain Apache Tribe.


June 1967 - August 1967

Hull Daisetta

August 1967 - July 1970

Duane taught school in Hull Daisetta district for three years. Family was part of Liberty Branch.


July 1970 - July 1971

Cleveland, TX

July 1971 - April 2004

Duane taught school for one year in Splendora, over a decade in Tarkington (driver's education mainly), and Conroe (special education) until he retired in 2004. Lavelle re-started her teaching career in 1977, and taught in both Cleveland and Splendora districts until she retired in 2000. The family was active in church activities and callings - Duane served as Bishop, Stake High Councilor, Bishopric and Branch Presidency Counselor, Clerk, High Priest Group Leader, and his favorite, Nursery Worker; Lavelle served as Relief Society President, Primary Teacher, Pianist, Junior SS Coordinator, among many others.

San Antonio

April 2004 - Present

Sold the small family home in Cleveland and purchased home in San Antonio to be closer to family and a temple, two priorities that Cleveland did not accommodate as well. Duane also involved in school WatchDOG program and as part-time auto auction driver. Lavelle involved in Genealogy and enjoying her grandchildren.