The Accord's Timeline of Melodrama

As a companion to the "Accord OOC Metaplot Timeline", those of us in the G+ Community are creating events involving the personal lives of our characters. These events are entirely voluntary and do not supersede any official venue documentation. If your character fits the requirements as noted, and you'd like him or her to be involved in some named way, please find the event within the G+ Community (usually found in "Timeline Events") and comment there. Thank you! r(w)g


Any Player Character

These events are noted as available to any player character for involvement as long as the player character exists in the time and place of the event.

Mortal Only

These events are noted as available to any mortal template for involvement as long as the mortal exists in the time and place of the event.

Supernatural Only

These events are noted as available to any supernatural template for involvement as long as the supernatural exists in the time and and place of the event.

Monster Prom (The First)


San Francisco, CA

To celebrate the reunion of the Plantegenet and Roux it was decided a more formal party was to be held.

This the first annual Monster Prom (Or Monster's Ball) hosted by The Plantagenet for the socialization of the Accord and the social one upmanship he so enjoys. It had all the trapping of an 80s Prom from the dress to the society of it all. It would have ended with the (rigged) voting of Prom King and Queen to be Roux and the Plantagenet.


-Steve acts as Prom Treasurer

-John Harkin shows up with Nuri on his arm, or is it the other way around?

-Duchess is there... in a dress, much to her irritation.

-Jacques Saunier is there, most likely with his lovechild.

-Ava shows up stag and proud of it. Besides... she's confident she'll find someone else's date to steal, like Duchess'.

The Accord

These events are noted as available to any player character that is a member of the Accord for involvement as long as the player character exists in the time and place of the event.

The Monaco Vacation

08/11/2005 - 08/15/2005

At The Grand Casino de Monaco

Everyone needs a break now and then, so the Accord members get together in places with low RQ levels and party a bit. Cause some hell, and have a good time...this time it just happened to involve the child of an Accord member and a dickish ex-boyfriend.

Monaco was a haze. Blurry with drinking and gambling, going well until Christian tried to set up a threesome with what he thought was just a hot waitress. The fight was huge, and caused a scene, ending with Lupei’s father being called, all involved parties were booted out after the small fire that broke out in the wake of the fight.


-Charlie, beyond gregarious, seems up to almost anything with any one at this point. He's reckless and showing off. But when things started to go south, Charlie actually slinks off. He wants nothing to do with the fire, and acts as an out for any one else who thought it was getting too heavy.

-The Plantagenet watches from the background as he makes his deals.

-Silas takes advantage of the event to indulge in some much needed R&R. He rents out the entire penthouse floor of one of the casinos and opens the doors to all Accordians.

-John William “Buck” Parker attends, but he parts company early. If anyone tails him they will find he is visiting a grave of a woman born in 1923 (Carlotta Bianca), she died in 2004.

The Irish Wake

6/26/10 - 07/03/2010

On 06/12/10, over 100 members of the Accord were killed. This is a gathering to mourn them.

"He was called. He served. He was counted."

On 06/26/10 a wake was held in a secret location in New York City to honor those that died that day. An Irish pub in Woodside, Queens that was bought out for a week. Arrangements were made quickly. Council Members likely couldn't attend due to safety concerns for large gatherings of Accord members so soon after Langely's strike. Security provisions would have been considerable for the same reasons. There may well have been other memorials in other cities, but this was an Irish wake in a city that knows how to do it proper.

For those who could make the journey, this was an opportunity to mourn. Drink, tell stories of the fallen, make drunken mistakes, and find the resolve to continue the war against the Enemy.

-John Harkin gives a drunken eulogy. These were his brothers and sisters in arms, and he takes their loss personally. He was supposed to be there that day, but missed his flight. There is definite survivor's guilt.

-Michael Kennedy and James O'Neill get into a drunken argument that erupts into a fist fight. No one is sure who starts it, but Charlie jumps it.

-Charlie and Silas, both somewhat bloodied from the brawl, decide to do epically stupid and dangerous things like a race that starts with turnstile jumping in NYC that end with a base jump of the Empire State Building as the finish line.

-Lupei and Noelle mourn. While Noelle's intention was to be there to support Lupei, when the fight breaks out, she threw a few punches of her own.

The Blazing Yacht


Host: Silas Magnus, owner of the ship Toujours, anchored in Atlantic International Waters off the New England coast.
The Super Yacht

Silas ensured members of The Accord could blow off steam and cut loose. To this end there is no normal crew, but a staff of spirits who run the boat/cater to the patrons. It is not known who or what Silas cut a deal with to get such a crew. With no non-Accord members on the yacht, the Masquerade/Veil/etc is kept safe ... until the flaming body shots that is.

After the yacht went down in flames, Silas downsized and swore off ever hosting another Accord party again.

-Mike and Noelle end up sharing a bottle of Jack in a life boat.

-Lupei, who arrived with Noelle, realizes Christian is there and decides to help his flaming body shot experiment along by setting him on fire.

-Charlie spent most of the time puffing and passing. He was incredibly put out when the yacht went up in flames and he had to go to a lifeboat.

-The Plantagenet preened as he made connections and cut deals.

-(D.H.'s PC yet to be named) gets wasted. She spends most of the event dancing naked on tables and making out with anyone interested.

  • Smitty spent most of his time drunk making drunken wagers, challenging others to drunken competitions, but when things started to go sideways, he disappeared throw a door. No one saw him get off the boat, however, he was spotted days later up to his usual antics.

Crashing Christmas

12/24/2012 - 12/26/2012

Host: Lynnette Kennedy at her perfect Rhode Island home.
The Invitation

[Lynette's Home]()

[Tasteful Decor]()

Every Lynnette Kennedy holiday is perfection. It's a very precise perfection to which everyone must adhere except that the rules, regulations, and restrictions exist in only in the mind of Lynnette. So when even the tiniest thing goes wrong (like when certain individuals Lynnette decides are required to show up don't) Snarky Stewart rears her ugly head. Cora Kirkwood , after being on the receiving end of one of these "episodes" (which some say included colorful commentary about the classiness and tastes of Texans), decided she ought to provide a lesson about what can really go wrong at Christmas.

Lynnette's invitation to her perfectly themed "White Christmas" is copied and handed to any number of Accordists.


-Duchess attended and spiked the eggnog.

-The Accord Corp of Engineers decided to "improve" the lighting and decorations.

-Penelope Markus hosts the White Elephant exchange.

-Noelle drunken duels, shot for shot, all the other Santa Clauses at the party.

-Christian shows up with a gaggle of high priced escorts dressed as elves to help "unwrap presents". Two elves pay Lupei very special attention.

-F1R3W@LL was actually really good company until she sees the escorts, freaks out, and runs back upstairs to play Left 4 Dead 2 with other interested gamers.

-Lupei, however, is hanging out with Duchess and Lucas drinking with them.

-Cassandra works to keep things calm, like paying off the escorts to go home, helps people get to where they need to go, and is generally there to support Lynnette.

  • Other attendees included: Michael Kennedy, Cora Kirkwood, John Harkin, Silas Magnus, Buck Parker

St. Patrick's Day @ The 8th Continent


Raleigh, NC

Lena has shut down The Eighth Continent on St. Patrick's Day to host an Accord Only event. Given that Lena's bar always seems much bigger on the inside than the outside, not only can Lena host everyone who wants to attend, but Dr. Who fans might wonder if the Tardis wasn't inspired by this very place.

Also, anyone who has known Lena for any extended period of time is aware that she has almost always had a club, bar, or inn and maybe even a brothel or two.

At The 8th Continent everyone might come to get what they want, but most of the time they get what they need.

The Bar is open to any Accord member who wants to come have a pint in celebration of St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patty's Day Playlist:

Michael: I'm Not Down by The Clash
Cora: Money by Pink Floyd
Archinon: Waking the Demon by Bullet For My Valentine (Which Cora refuses to play for him, and instead tears up his lobbed napkin request)
Silas: Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins
Harkin: Boys from the County Hell by The Pogues
Erick: Time After Time by Sewing With Nancy
Buck: The 7th Calvary Regimental March
Cassandra: Dancing Queen by ABBA


-Noelle helps F1R3W@LL get really drunk. F13 decides to be "very helpful" by rewiring the bar for maximum efficiency, unlocks the cable so the TVs get every channel possible, fixes peoples laptops, and even builds a better phone for those who bring her booze.

-Violette comes in ready to drink and plays cards with Silas who is also in attendance.

-Lena and Erick work hard bartending and keeping the Accordists well liquored.

-Cora claims dominion over the jukebox, picking songs and dancing until something irritates her and she leaves the party early.

-Michael Kennedy and sisters Lynnette and Gabby show up in a Winnebago, take a cruise around town, and then spend the evening at the bar drinking with friends.

-John Harkin, Buck Parker, Michael Kennedy and Silas Magnus have a few drinks together.

-Archinon enters with a group of St. Patty's Day revelers, pilfers their jewelry and cash, then sends them on their way. With his stash he offers to pay for a round or two until Buck makes him get rid of the stolen goods.

-Cassandra shows up at has a few conversations with people and tries to get Noelle to dance to Abba.

-Buck leads a sing along to the 7th Cavalry Regimental March