Ap Euro Timeline



1265 - 1321

Major Italian Poet
wrote "Divine Comedy"
"Father of the Italian language"

Decline of Gothic Art


Gothic art develops in France. Later to be replaced with Renaissance Art.


1304 - 1374

Father of Humanism

Avignon Papacy

1309 - 1376

Period whence the pope lives in Avignon.
-took away cardinal power (they wanted only to elect pope's from their own region :( )

John Wycliffe (Lollards)

1328 - 1384

English philosopher and lay preacher. His followers were the Lollards. He was an opponent of the papacy and their conniving ways. Advocated vernacular-translations of the bible.

Hundred Years' War

1337 - 1453

England vs. France over French throne.
-English used longbows and peasants
-French used the powers of the Joan of Arch women thing

The Black Death

1348 - 1350

Pandemic in Europe. Lotso' people dead :(
Caused religious and government skepticism

Hussites (John Huss)

1369 - 1415

Huss was a religious reformer. Predicted reformation and stuffs. Excommunicated. Led the protestant ref. when it happened. Followers were called the "Hussites"

Renaissance in Italy

1375 - 1527

New intrest in classical ideals. Renaissance thrived in Italy because their ports and it's location were soooo good.

The Great Schism

1378 - 1417

Western church was divided because of the three popes that fought for power.



A peasant revolt in Europe caused by frustration. Named after guy.

Early exploration- Portugal and Spain

1394 - 1521

In order to find new trade routes.

Witch Hunts

1400 - 1700


Council of Constance

1414 - 1418

Council organized by the RCC. Put an end to the Great Schism.

Printing Press- Guttenburg


Invented movable type thingy. Very important to the reformation.

Northern Renaissance

1450 - 1500

Greater push of religion than other renaissance.


1466 - 1536

Proponent of religious toilets. and toleration. "Prince of humanists"

Fernidad de Isabella (Spain)

1469 - 1504

Brought stability to Spain. Sponsored Christopher Columbus. Introduced the Spanish inquisition to convert everyone to Cath.


1473 - 1543

"On the rev. of the heavenly spheres"
heliocentric model.


1483 - 1546

-95 thesis (started the revolution)
-diet of worms (meeting that excommunicated him)

Columbus/ start of the Spanish empire

1492 - 1600

Columbus says "Hey... look it's India".
He was actually in America. Duh. He did this to expand his territories.

Commercial Rev.

1500 - 1700

A period of eco. expansion, colonialism etc. in Europe. Many discoveries. Created new wanting of exspansion.

Pope Julius III

1503 - 1513

"The fearsome Pope"

John Calvin

1509 - 1564

Protestant Reformation. MADE CALVINISM. (believes in predestination)

Henry VIII

1509 - 1547

King of Eng. Known for his seperation of church and state from the RCC--> seperation of the Anglican church and Papal authority,f


1517 - 1648

Started with the Martin Luther's 95 Thesis. Creation of the protestant rel. Ends with the treaty of Westphalia.


1520 - 1580

Before Baroque. New Perspective, color use, etc.
-Da Vinci

Specific Religious Wars

1524 - 1697

The Schmaldick Wars
Thirty Years War

German Peasant Revolts

1524 - 1525

Peasants could not marry, had to pay a crap load of taxes, and were forbidden to hunt. They mad.

English Reformation

1529 - 1547

Against the RCC. Ends int he establishment of the Protestant Church,

English Reformation

1529 - 1547

Against the RCC. Ends int he establishment of the Protestant Church,

The Prince: Machiavelli


Written in the Italian vernacular. Establishes a" Machiavellian Ruler".

William of Orange

1533 - 1583

"The Silent"
Main leader of the Dutch Revolt vs. the Spanish.

Act of Supremacy


Recognizes Henry VII as the "supreme head of church and state"

Golden Bull


Places German election into the hands of 7 electors

Jesuits of Layola (society of Jesus) Ignatus Layola


Extreme Catholics. wowe.

Catholic and and and anad counter reformations

1545 - 1563

begins with council of Trent and ends with the 30 years' war.

Council of Trent

1545 - 1563

The council of Trent was the assembly of the RCC to address issues of heresy,

Tyco Brahe

1546 - 1601