History of The Internet


Birth of the internet

October 29, 1969

There were four computers on ARPANET. One each at UCLA, Stanford, UC Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah. At 10:30 PM on October 29, 1969, a message was sent from the computer at UCLA to the one at Stanford. The message was supposed to be the word "login." The "l" and the "o" transmitted without problem but then the system crashed. Hence, the first message on the ARPANET was "lo".

The Internet Grows


In 1970, the internet growth was incredibly slow. In 1970, the growth of computers in the network had grown from 4 to 13. Because of the price and size of the computers, they did not grow fast at all.

100 mark


In 1977, there were 100 computers on the network.

1000 mark


In 1984, there were 1000 computers in the network.

10,000 mark


In 1987, the network had grown to 10,000 computers. By this time, it was starting to get into homes around the U.S.

prices drop

1989 - 1995

During this time, computers dramatically dropped in price causeing an extreme growth in the internet population.

1 million computers on the network


In 1992, there was 1 million computers on the network.

10 million


IN 1996, 10 million computers were in the network.

100 million


In 2001, the network had reached to 100 million computers using it.



Today, there are over 1.7 billion people that use the internet.

Significant Contributions to the Internet

Creater of the World Wide Web

1989 - 1990

The World WIde Web was created by by Sir Tim Berners-Lee during a year long period from 1989 to 1990. The web is an application built on top of the internet.

First Website


In early 1990 there was one website

10 Websites


By 1991, there were ten websites.

The World Wide Web Grows.


By 1993 there were over 623 websites.

World Wide Web in 1994


In 1994 There were 10,022 websites.

open source code


An example of proprietary code would be Microsoft Windows. I can buy a copy of Windows, but I can’t access the code. An example of open source code is the operating system known as Linux which started developing as a non commercial replacement by young college student Linus Torvald in 1991. I can download this operating system for free, and I have complete access to the code.

Websites in 2000


In 1997 there were 1,681,868 websites.



At its height in 2001, AOL had over 30 million global users. This meant that almost 10 percent of people accessing the internet, were using AOL.