AP Euro Timeline



1265 - 1321

An Italian writer/philosopher that helped to codify Italian. Wrote "Dante's Inferno" and solidified the notion of Hell.


1304 - 1374

Was known as the father "Humanism" which was the idea that increasing knowledge was beneficial including the dignity of man, classicism, and rhetoric.

Avignon Papacy

1309 - 1376

Where a Frenchman inherited the Papal throne, but refusing to move to Rome, he moved to Avignon, France. This began the Great Schism.


1313 - 1375

Boccaccio was a writer who used critic and satire to address problems in the world. He was affiliated with Petrarch, the father of humanism.

Lollards: John Wycliff

1328 - 1384

A religious reformer who was against the Catholic Church and the Hussites-- John Huss.

The Renaissance in Italy

1375 - 1527

Set the precedent for the modern world. The Renaissance enacted though of secularism, and the importance of the individual.