AP EURO Timeline 1 Semester - Collins


Hundred Years War

1337 - 1453

-Caused by the English King and the French King's assertion to the French Throne
Effects were that French Nationalism was awakened and it hastened the process to begin a more centralized state

The Black Death

1345 - 1355

-Plague came into Europe from Asia
-Transported to England through ships
-Spread rapidly
-Impact on economy and thought

The Golden Bull


-An administrative government consisting of a seven member electoral college
-Affecting the politics

Council of Constance

1414 - 1417

-When the papacy elected another pope
-Martin V was the new selected Pope
-Impact on religion and politics

Columbus/Start of the French Empire

1450 - 1505

-Columbus discovers the Americas
-Expansion of the French territories occurred
-Impact on the economy and on culture


1466 - 1535

-He was definitely one of the more famous humanistic thinkers at the time
-He summarized his own beliefs with the phrase, ethical piety in imitation of Christ
-He impacted European thought to a degree

Ferdinand and Isabella (Spain)

1474 - 1515

-Made Christians throughout all of Spain

Witch Hunts

1480 - 1580

-Time at which a lot of men killed of women for being accused of being a witch
-Impact on the thoughts of Europe

Early Exploration Portugal and Spain

1492 - 1600

-They are the people of the new world and the explorations that took place there
-The pioneers

Italy's Decline by Invasions

1494 - 1527

-Italy's Decline due to invasion
-France had been invited in and this caused problems

Pope Julius II

1503 - 1513

-Fought in a lot of wars
-Active Foreign Policies

Henry VIII

1509 - 1547

-He went through many stages and many marriages and wives in order to obtain a male heir to his throne
-Impact on religion and politics

German Peasant Revolts

1520 - 1525

-The peasants of Germany were displeased with their authority and government
-Their was a big impact on the finances and economy


1525 - 1560

-Impact on religious thought of the Europeans
-Many Catholics broke away from the church because they did not believe what they were saying so they found satisfaction in other religions such as Protestantism

William of Orange (The Silent)

1533 - 1584

-Known as the silent because he owned a small and quit group


1535 - 1600

-Ignatius was founded, later on to become a devout Catholic
-Began to pull in more people into Catholicism

Council of Trent

1545 - 1565

-Strengthened the authority of local bishops
-Reaffirmed the traditional scholastic education of the clergy
-Impact on religion and politics

Mary I of England

1553 - 1558

-Bloody Mary
-Killed off many people

Elizabeth (England)

1558 - 1603

-Was successful in both foreign and domestic policy

Revolt in the Spanish Netherlands

1559 - 1608

-A revolt in the Netherlands
-Impact on the politics

Specific Religions Wars

1562 - 1600

-Religious battle between many religions mainly between Huguenots and Catholicism
-Impact on Religion

End of the Witch Hunts

1565 - 1570

-Impact on European thought
-People gained more physical security
-A new, more scientific, point of view on things was now found and desperately needed
-Advances in medicine

James I (ENG)

1566 - 1624

-King of England
-Took in a very unstable government with a very divided religion
-Amassed a good amount of wealth
-Impact on politics and economics

Rise of the Netherlands - Dutch Golden Age

1572 - 1610

-The Netherlands are rising up to the top spot quickly
-Dutch India trading company
-Impact on economics and politics

Mary Stuart Executed


-She is executed
-For having to plot the death and downfall of Elizabeth

Spanish Armada


-Impact on politics and economics
-A Fleet of Spanish ships consisting of 130 ships and carrying a ton of soldiers
-This ship set sail for England in order to take land and invading it

Henry IV (France)

1589 - 1610

-Ruler of France who created and enacted the Edict of Nantes

Consumer Revolution

1590 - 1800

-Raised the standard of living, for all people.
-More consumeristic Values in things

Edict of Nantes


-Forced Religious Toleration
-State Within a State

Edict of Nantes


-Henry IV's religious settlement

Commercial Revolution


Comercial Revolution

1600 - 1800

-When industries were bustling with riches and success
-New world was bring in a lot of resources to Europe
-Impact on the economy

Age of Mercantilism

1600 - 1800

Age of Mercantilism

1600 - 1800

-The age at which richness and status was based on material goods
-Mainly through how much land or how much gold/silver one owned
-Impact on economy and politics

Henry IV Assisination


-Henry was assassinated by a Catholic
-Impact on the politics and religions

Louis XIII (Richileu)

1610 - 1643

-Assassinated by a Catholic person
-Impacted politics

Charles I (England)

1625 - 1650

-Catholic Caused English Civil war to begin sooner than expected

Long Parliament/ Short Parliament

1640 - 1660

-Short: Charles Disbanded Shortly
-Long: Figuring out of taxation and where the funds will be placed

English Civil War


English Civil War

1642 - 1650

-Impact on politics
-Disagreement related to the monarchy and control of it

Louis XIV

1643 - 1715

-He reached for the control of all parts of his governing
-Impact on politics

The Fronde

1649 - 1652

-French Revolts
-Made King Louis Change what he had done

Academies of Science (LondonFirst)

1660 - 1700

-Started in London
-An institute of discovery and learning of the new and up and coming sciences
-Impact on Economics and European Thought

Royal Society of London (Founded)


-Royal Society if opened and founded

Charles II (ENG)

1660 - 1684

-Restored the monarchy after Cromwell had previously destroyed its reputation

Peter the Great

1682 - 1725

-An Enlightened Despot
-Took the Land at the Baltic Sea

James II (ENG)

1685 - 1688

-Replaced shortly by William of Orange and Mary

The War of Spanish Succession

1700 - 1715

-Philip V had received the throne to Spain, and England, Holland, and the Holy Roman Empire formed the Grand Alliance to preserve the balance of power by once and for all securing Flanders as a neutral barrier between Holland and France and by gaining for the emperor his fair share of the Spanish inheritance.

War of Spanish Succession


Industrial Revolution

1700 - 1900

-Great Britain was a leading power
-New methods of Textile production
-Spinning Jenny, Water Frame, Steam Engine, etc.

The Great Northern War

1700 - 1721

-Russia fights Sweden for control of areas surrounding the Baltic sea
-In doing so, this would give Russia a warm water port

Act of Settlement


-Gave Sophia of Hanover the throne of England

Charles VI Pragmatic Sanction


-Issued in order to prevent more collapse on Austria after his death because he had no son in order to inherit his throne
-So he gave the throne to his daughter instead
-Impact of political movements

Treaty of Utrecht


-Ended the war of the Spanish succession
-Impact on politics

Death of Louis XIV


-Impact on economy structure and politics
-Nobility saw this as an open shot to try and regain a power
-Many of the resources of France was drained

Mississippi Bubble


-A financial crisis
-John Law ordered more production of paper money, thus dropping the value of money
-Big impact on economy

Frederick II

1740 - 1748

-A enlightened despot
-Disrupted the balance of power
-Impact on political and economic views

Maria Tharesa

1740 - 1780

-Impact on Politics
-She took the throne of Austria
-She was left with a weakened state
-But all of the Hapsburgs respected her to be the rightful person to take the throne

War of Austrian Succession

1740 - 1748

-There was a war when Frederick II seized the Austrian Throne
-Impact on Politics and power struggle and imbalance

Diplomatic Revolution


-Revolution with France and Austria
-Impact on politics

Joseph II (Austria)

1764 - 1791

-One of the enlightened despots
-Made equal laws and even punishments
-Impacted Thoughts and Economy

Agricultural Revolution

1780 - 1800

-New methods for planting and harvesting
-Allowing land to not be used, in order to gain a better harvest next crop season

Great Fear


-A time of mass chaos
-Where some peasants would do anything to get back what they have lost
-Gross beheadings
-Impact on the thought of France and economics

Tennis Court Oath


-Treaty signed by the MANY members of the Third Estate
-The Third Estate was locked out of a meeting held by the First and Second Estates
-Pledged to not stop meeting until a new Constitution is formed and reform and change has taken place

French Revolution

1789 - 1799

-The fall of a governmental system led by Napolean
-Impacted the whole political scene and transitioned back to a somewhat "1st stage"

Estate General is Called


-The Estates General Gathers up in a meeting
-Impact on economy and politics

Storming of the Bastille


-People storm the Bastille
-Gaining necessary things to play apart in the Revolution
-Impact on thought and economy

March of the Fishwives


-Wanted the inflation that was going up to stop
-Wanted a lower price on bread (their main food source)
-So they marched to Versailles, and take over the King's castle, bringing him back, almost like a prisoner, to France
-Impacted thought, and politics, and the economy as well

Nobles Renounce Feudal priv.


-The Nobles renounce and give up some of their privilages
-Impact on politics

Rights of Man and Citizen


-A flawed Documents officially stating the official rights of men and only men
-Impacted thought

Legislative Assembly Meets


-Impact on politics
-A new radical form of a government meets

War with Austria


-French went to war with English and Austrian Forces to protect their Revolution
-Impacted the economy and the politics

Louis XVI Executed


-Executed with the use of the gullotine
-Impacted politics and gave new thought

Tuileries Stormed - King Catptive


-The king was finally captured and made a prisoner of the Revolution
-Impact on politics and thought

Convention Meets - Monarch Abolished


-The monarchy is abolished and then the idea of a new Republic is adopted
-Impact on the politics

Levee en Masse


-The drafting of all man
-To go Support the war
-All funds were directed to support the war
-Impact on politics and the economy

Constitution of the Year III- The Directory Established


-The directory is established replacing the already new found republic
-Impacted the politics

The Directory

1795 - 1799

-A Government Structure
-Impact on politics