Chapter 6


Founding of Rome

753 BCE - 752 BCE

According to legend, the founders were Romulus and Remus, twin sons of Mars.

Reign of Servius Tullius

578 BCE - 534 BCE

Servius Tullius was an Etruscan king who reformed the military of Rome.

Expulsion of the Etruscan King

509 BCE - 508 BCE

The wealthy, powerful citizens of Rome-all veterans of military service-drove out the Etruscan King. They declared Rome a republic.

Capture of Veii

402 BCE - 396 BCE

Veii was a principal Etruscan city only 12 miles from Rome.

Roman armies controlled all of Italy south of the Po Valley

268 BCE - 264 BCE

First Punic War

264 BCE - 241 BCE

The fighting opened in Sicily. Carthage fought against Rome but Rome won on both land and sea. It took control of Sicily and imposed taxes on the island.


247 BCE - 183 BCE

Carthaginian commander

Capture of Sardinia and Corsica

237 BCE - 227 BCE

This was the first time Rome had provinces outside the Italian peninsula.

Second Punic War

219 BCE - 199 BCE

When Hannibal defeated Rome's troops in 219 BCE, the second Punic War had begun and it continued for almost twenty years.

Battle of Zama

202 BCE - 201 BCE

Publius Cornelius Scipio defeated Hannibal at the Battle of Zama, marking the end to the war. Carthage became a dependency of Rome.

Annex and Destruction of Spain

196 BCE - 133 BCE

Third Punic War

149 BCE - 146 BCE

When Carthage attacked Rome's African ally, King Masinissa of Numidia, Rome sided with its ally, disregarding Carthage's legitimate claims that its land was being encroached upon. This provoked the third Punic War.

Pax Romana

27 BCE - 180 CE

A period of peace and prosperity in Rome.