Progressive Era

Time for reform

Woodrow Wilson's Acomplishments

The 28th President 1913-1921, Democrat

Department of Labor


Advised the President about condition of workers.

Federal Reserve System


Can speed up or slow down the economy and increase money supply for inflation. (Controls interest rates)

Clayton Anti-Trust Act


Made Unions Legal

18th Amendment


Banned the sell of alcohol, WWI helped get this Amendment passed because it aloud more wheat to go to the soldiers.

Teddy Roosevelt's Accomplishments as President

Square Deal


First strike where Govt. didn't choose Big Business. Teddy was the arbitrator and said they should have 9 hour work days, workers wanted 8, coal plant wanted 10, he split it down the middle.

Trust Buster


Known most for breaking up the Standard Oil Monopoly, Teddy Roosevelt was in favor of Big Business only as long as they all played far and by the same rules.

Meat Introspection Act


Govt. assigned inspectors for the meat industries to regulate what they put in the meat. Thought up by TR after reading the newly published book, "The Jungle".

Minorities during this time

Plessy v. Ferguson


Homer Plessy is being sued for sitting in a all white Rail Rode car, intentionally took it to the Supreme Court to test the Jim Crow Laws. Court ruled in favor of Ferguson saying that separate but equal is constitutional.

Gentlemen's Agreement


Let the Japanese wife's and kids into the country. San Francisco also make Japanese go to separate schools due to Jim Crow Laws.

Events in McFarland at this time