Anne's Feelings

Kirby Swails, Schyler Ochsner, Grace Kidwell, Michael Sendek


Anne was very excited

November 9, 1942

Anne was very excited when it was announced that they were taking in another person in the Secret Annexe.

Anne was feeling wicked

November 20, 1942

Anne felt extremely wicked because she was sleeping in a bed while her friends are outside trying to hide from the Nazis.

Anne was feeling terrible

December 13, 1942

Anne feels terrible while witnessing the children in poverty. She begins to realize and truly become thankful for their mediocre safety in the Secret Annexe.

Anne's annoyance for being in hiding grows

March 12, 1943

A shoe shortage in the annexe leaves the inhabitants annoyed

Anne feels terrified

March 25, 1943

A burglar stirred up a scare in the annex

Anne feels helpless

July 19, 1943

North Amsterdam is bombed and she feels helpless because he thinks they're next

Anne begins to feel more hopeful

July 23, 1943

She talks of the families wishes for when the war ends which leads her to be more hopeful in life

Anne feels very upset

November 17, 1943

Anne feels upset when she receives the news that Elli's family has dipthermia

Anne feels overly joyed and excited

December 6, 1943

Anne is utterly excited at the fact that St. Nicholas day and Christmas are just around the corner

Anne feels disgusting

December 22, 1943

Anne feels disgusting at the fact that she had the flu and feels terrible

Anne feels happy and giddy

April 16, 1944

Anne shares her first formal kiss with Peter

Anne feels abliged to publishing her work

April 21, 1944

Anne feels abliged to publishing her diary under a false name in the future

Anne feels utterly broken

May 26, 1944

All of the stress and disasterous events begin to sink in and are causing Anne to feel utterly broken on the inside

Anne feels contradicted

August 1, 1944

Anne feels contradicted and the thoughts of who she would be if no other people exsisted continued to consume her thoughts.