Guatemala and the United Fruit Company


Guatemalan Government

United Fruit Co. Hired to Run Post Office


United Fruit Company is hired by the Guatemalan government to run its national Post Office.

99 year Railroad License


United Fruit Company is granted a 99 year unlimited license to build railroads in Guatemala and cultivate lands along tracks.

General Jorge Ubico begins reign


General Jorge Ubico took power. Still known as one of the most ruthless rulers in Central America.

Ubico Resigns


Amid protest and revolution General Jorge Ubico resigns from office.

Los Diez Anos de la Primavera

1945 - 1955

The "ten years of spring" began when university professor Juan Jose Arevalo took office.

Worker Protection Code


Arevalo signs the worker protection code that gave worker rights to the citizens of Guatemala



Elections were held this year. Arevalo became the first Guatemalan president to finish a term.

Jacobo Arbenz


Jacobo Arbenz became the first democratically elected president of a Central American country.

Decree 900


Arbenz nationalizes a quarter of a million acres of United Fruit land to be redistributed among citizens. This was viwed as an act of communism.

CIA Authorization


President Eisenhower authorizes the CIA to oust the Arbenz government.

Arbenz Resigns


After a brief battle Arbenz is forced to resign.

United Fruit Press Campaign

Press Campaign begins

April 1951

The United Fruit Company beings a propaganda campaign in the U.S. against the Guatemalan government ran by Jacobo Arbenz

First "Fact Finding" Trip

January 1952

The United Fruit Company brings various US newspapers and magazines on a "fact finding" trip see the conditions of workers and so called communist doings of the Guatemalan government.

"Report on Guatemala - 1952"

June 1952

John Clements being to circulate his infamous report on the Guatemalan government. The reports makes numerous claims of communist acts and ties by the government and is circulated through agencies like the CIA and through congress.

"Red Agents" Story


Edward Bernays plants a story with an editor of the New York Times about a school in Prague where Latins were being trained to be Red Agents

Braden Speech at Dartmouth

March 1953

Spruille Braden made a speech at Dartmouth College criticizing President Eisenhower for failing to intervene in Guatemala to stop a "Communist takeover".