Augustus Timeline


Octavius is Born

63 bc

Octavius is born in Rome.

Senate Makes Augustus Consul

43 bc

Augustus marched into Rome and forced the Senate to accept him as consul.

Octavian Changes His Name to Augustus

42 bc

Octavian will now be addressed as Caesar Augustus and stylized himself as 'divi filius' or 'son of the divine'.

Augustus Was Contually Re-elected Consul

31 bc - 23 bc

Conquest of Egypt

30 bc

The Cantabrian War

26 bc - 25 bc

The only war in which Augustus took command of a campaign.

Ocativius Gained Full Power

23 bc

The senate granted Octavius control of the state and ended the Roman Republic.

Augustus Becomes Vey Ill

23 bc

Augustus becomes very ill and thinks he is dying, but eventually recovers.

Augustus Recovers Legionary Standards

20 bc

Augustus recovers the legionary standards captured by the Parthians simply by threatening Parthia with war.

Augustus Is Granted Consular Power For Life

19 bc

Augustus Campaigns in Pannoia

19 bc - 13 bc

Augistus Campaigns in Germany

19 bc - 12 bc

Secular Games Celebrated

17 bc

Secular Games are celebrated as a symbol of the new golden age brought by Octavian.

Augustus Takes Title and Position of Ponifex Maximus

12 bc

Augustus Made His Friend, Tiberius, Marry Julia

11 bc

Augustus made his friend, Tiberius, divorce his wife and remarry his daughter, Julia.

Augustus is Awarded the Title of Pater Patriae

2 bc

Augustus Dies

14 ad

Augustus traveled to Capri and died four days later.