Mrs. Johnson's Class Invention Timeline


by AngelicaPencils


Pencils have been a ancient Roman stylus. It was a thin metal stick they were used for scrating on papyurs which is often made of lead. This word comes from Latin word penicillus which means little tail. In 1564 an enomous despite.

hot air balloon- Corrynn


Hot air balloon were first to carry passengers from place to place. The first hot air balloon were paper bags with a smoky fire built on a grill attached to the bottom. After that the invention of hydrogen balloon. Hot air ballooning faded in to obscurity until being reborn in the 1960.

American Sign Language- Courtney


American Sign Language was invented by Thomas H. Gallaudet. It was invented in 1817. American Sign Language is a language used by deaf people. It is a language were you use your hands to communicate. It was first considered a world language in 1988.

Bicycle-Ivanna G.


The inventor of this or the man who had the original idea was Baron Karl de Drais de Saverbrun. But no one really can be the inventor of the bike,because so many people had the idea and so many people have made different designs too. A French man had a idea though to one huge tire in the front and two smaller wheels in the back[also known as a tricycle] it helped with balance so citizens can have a easy time to ride. But another man had the idea to put to huge wheels in the front and back but it wasn't best for balancing so the citizens had a hard time to ride but eventually learned. After that they improved bikes,than later started the Tour De France. They made different type of bikes like Racing bikes,Mountain bikes,and Hybrid bikes.

Braille - Jacob

January 2, 1825

Louis Braille created Braille for people who were visually impaired. Louis created this type of language because he was blind too. This helped a lot of people that were blind. Even people who weren't blind wrote letters to blind people with Braille. Braille was created such a long time ago, almost 200 years, and is still being used today.

Kalena-Chewing Gum


Chewing gum was made by Thomas Adams. It was first made out of chicle, a natural latex product. Then they changed it to petroleum based on plastic instead of chicle. William Semple filed the first patent on chewing gum, in 1869. Gum comes in a variety of flavors, depending on location and is most often chewed for flavor. Some gums are made for whitening teeth, clean teeth, or freshen breath. Bubble gum was made espically made for blowing bubbles. Hope you learned some new things about gum.

Phonograph - Mrs. Johnson

August 12, 1877

Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. This was his first invention. The phonograph was the first machine that could record and reproduce sound. After he invented the photograph, he started wondering if he could record a telephone message. If it wasn't for the phonograph, we would not have the following inventions; CD player, ipod, radio, record player.

automobile - Aidan


The automobile was invented because people always traveled by foot or horse. But then one day a man named Karl Benz was like "People should travel by wheels instead of foot or horse because it takes to long for people to travel long distances for instance from Illinois to Wisconsin would take to long by horse or foot ." Then he invented the automobile.

Movie Camera-Zella


The idea of the movie camera was actually presented by Eadweard Muybridge but Thomas Edison and William K.L. Dickson invented it. When Muybridge gave Edison the idea, he turned it down, but soon he and Dickson did create it. His first camera was called the Kinetograph. It took a sequence a photos in order to give the illusion of motion when the photos were played back very fast. His first film was called "The Black Maria" and was completed in 1893.

air conditioning -zach g


Air conditioner has kept people hot if it's cold outside, and cold if it's hot outside. This invention is one of the most popular inventions, what would you do without air conditioning ?! Although you may not think of it air conditioning is really important. Have you ever walked into a building and it's really warm or cold? That's air conditioning!

Coffee decaffeinated- Will


Decaffeinated coffee is achieved through a variety of decaffeination process. Almost every process consists of soaking the beans. The chemical for decaf coffee is altered.

Rose-Coffee, Drip


The idea of Coffee, Drip was surprisingly by Melitta Bentz. The coffee, Drip is to help brew some coffee. Which provides water over coffee contained in a filter. Water seeps through the coffee its oils and enssenses.

Cellophane- Caitlin


Cellophane's impermeability to air, grease and bacteria makes it useful for food packaging. It was invented by Jacques E. Brandenberger in 1911. It was invented in Switzerland .

Traffic light -Allie


The traffic light was invented in 1912. The traffic light helps people get around safely. It was invented by Lester Farnsworths Wire. The traffic light prevents crashes from happening. I think the traffic light is a brilliant idea.



Smetic substance heavier than lip gloss and has the primary purpose of applying color to the lips. Mist lipstick are red or reddish, which has the effect. Lipstick is available in any color or shade.

Electric Guitar-Grace


The Electric guitar was originally made by luthiers, electric buffs, and instrument manufacture's. The electric guitar was made poupular in the big band era, the loud electric sound needed to compete with the loud sound of the large bass instruments common to jazz in the thirties to forties. The most common version today is the solid body, made in 1940. In 1994 the Gibson LesPaul, a popular guitar was made. that is the history of the electric guitar.

Zamboni-Nathan Cima


The ice resurfacing machine (Zamboni) is used to do what else resurface ice! The Zamboni is needed to smooth out the ice after the sharp blades on hockey players and figure skaters skates tear up the ice. Before the Zamboni the job was done with scrapers and horses. This job took hours. Today the Zamboni has adds on the sides!

Taylor- Credit Card


The credit card was invented in 1950. The inventors names were Frank McNamara and Ralph Schneider. (Made in the us) Did you know a credit card is different from a debit card? One most common name is American Express. Secured credit cards are avalible with both Visa and Master card logos on them.

Josh D.-submarine:-)


A submarine helps any Navy people stay under water and stay in cover. A submarines old name was U-BOAT. The name U-BOAT was made up bye English soldier. Submarines use to and maybe still today Cary nuclear missiles. A submarine has limited air under water. The eventer was named Cornelis Drebbel

Laser-Nathan S


Charles Hard Townes, Gordon Gould, and Arthur L. Schawlow invented the laser(seperatly).LASER means light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Laser is a device which uses a guantum mechanical effect,simulated emission to generate a coherant beam of light from a lasing medium of controlled purity, size, and shape.

satellite communications -Mike


The satellite communications was invented by John Robinson Pierce. it was invented in 1960. The communications satellite helps you talk to ships, planes, and it helps you talk on your cell phone. The satellite orbits the Earth once a day to get even connections all around the world.

Microsoft-Zach B.


In 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen formed a partnership called Microsoft. Like most start ups, Microsoft started small, but had a huge vision, a computer in every person's home. In June 1980 Gates and Allen hired a friend from college to help run the company. This man's name is Steve Ballmer. The month after, IBM approaches Microsoft with a project code-name "Chess". In response, Microsoft worked on a new operating system-the software that manages, or runs, the computer hardware and also serves to bridge the gap between the computer hardware and the programs, such as a word processor.