Art History Part 3

Total Abstraction- Latest Trends

Total Abstraction

1910 - Present


1916 - 1923

Rejected traditional ideas; introduced conceptual art, exhibited readymade objects, accidental creations, emphasized the absurd


1920 - 1930

Beyond realism: based on unconscious imagery, dreams, the illogical, or the imagination

Art Deco

1920 - 1930

Spare metric modern design

Early 20th American Styles

1920 - 1930

Ashcan, American Modernism, Regionalism, Social Protest

20th Century Sculpture

1930 - 1950

Introduced: Kinetic, welded, very large size, pierced space, assemblages, found object and box assemblages, unusual and/or shocking materials, many different styles

Abstract Expressionism

1945 - 1950

Paint applied freely to show action, energy, or feeling

Color Field

1950 - 1959

Huge areas of color shapes without brushstrokes, often made by poured or running paint


1960 - Present

Objects, people, or symbols from popular culture displayed as art

1960's Styles

1960 - 1969

Minimalism, conceptual-ism, Op, Preformance

Earth Art

1960 - Present

Outdoor art incorporating/using the environment

Hard Edge

1960 - Present

Sharply defined often geometric areas of color


1970 - Present

Anti Art/ Graffiti

1970 - Present

Art Brut, Bad Painting, Art is Dead, Kitstich

Latest Trends

1980 - Present

Installation, Technology, Photography, Computer Art, Video, Post- Modern