WWII timeline


Treaty Of Versailles


This treaty was imposed on Germany After WWI. It forced Germany to weaken its army, give up land, pay the victors of the war, and accept full responsibility for it.

The Nazi Party is Created


After many attempts and speeches, Hitler finally succeeds in creating the Nazi party

The Beer Hall Putsch


Hitler attempted to overthrow the current government and replace it with a right wing national party. This attempt was unsuccessful and resulted in Hitler's arrest.

Mein Kampf is published


Hitler published his book Mein Kampf which revealed his political thoughts, most noticeably that the German race was superior. In his book he says: "Every manifestation of human culture, every product of art, science and technical skill, which we see before our eyes today, is almost exclusively the product of Aryan creative power."

Federal Elections


The Nazi party won 107 seats in the Reichstag making it the second largest party in Germany.

The Enabling Act of 1933

March 23 1933

Gave Hitler the ability to create laws and allowed him to become the dictator of Germany

The Gestapo was Established

April 26 1933

Hitler's secret service police was established

The Nazi Book Burning

May 10 1933

Students burned "non-German" books. More than 25,000 books were burned.

Germany Declared a One Party State

July 1933

Hitler had defeated all of the competing political parties in Germany in order to have full control over the country.

Germany Withdraws from the League of Nations

October 21 1933

Germany withdrew form the League of Nations in oder to build up a stronger army.

Nuremberg Laws Introduced


The Nuremberg Laws were laws targeting Jewish people and encouraging anti-semitism.

Axis Powers formed

October 25 1936

Germany signs a treaty with Japan and Italy forming the Axis Powers which fought together in WWII

Austria Merges into Germany

March 12 1938

This is an important step for Hitler in uniting all German speaking nations.

The Munich Agreement is Signed

September 30 1938

In order to appease Germany, Britain and France sign the Munich Agreement which allowed Germany to take over Czechoslovakia.

German Invasion of Poland


Germany invaded Poland claiming that it was in defense however Britain and France did not believe this and soon declared war.