Anne Frank Conflicts


Moving into Annex

July 8,1942

All the members of the Annex have to get used to living in isolation. They can't go outside, and have to be quiet.

Looking outside window

December 13, 1942

Anne looks out the window of the Annex. Outside she sees Jews in horrible living conditions. This affects Anne emotionally.

Anne vs Adults

February 5, 1943

Anne is fighting with the adults of the house. They are comparing Anne to Peter and Margot since they are the kids of the house. Anne sees it as unfair, as she is younger than Peter and Margot.

Helpers getting sick

April 1,1943

All three helpers got sick. Mr. Koophuis has hemorrhage of the stomach. Elli has the flu and Mr. Vossen is going to the hospital because of abdominal ulcer. The people in the Annex has no outside help when all three are sick.

Anne vs Mummy

April 2, 1943

Mummy went to Anne to prayer with her, but Anne rejected her. This leads to Mummy crying because she doesn't have a relationship with her daughter. It hurts the Secret Annex when two people are fighting out of eight.

Anne vs Dussel

July 13, 1943

They argrued over a table in their room. It was resolved by Pim who resided on Anne's side. A big argrument in a small house can lead to disastorus results.


July 16, 1943

Burglars robbed the warehouse. This scares everyone because if they're found, they are dead.

Thinking about survivours

December 29, 1943

Anne thinks about survivours outside the Annex. This gives her guilt about being safe while her friends die.

Food coupon giver arrested

March 14,1944

The person who gave the Annex members illegal food coupons got arrested. This means they can't get enough food for eight people.

Anne vs Pim

May 5, 1944

Anne and Pim fight over Peter. Pim wants to limit the amount of tume Anne is with Peter. Anne goes against her father's wishes and spends time with Peter.