Menon Timeline


French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

French came to the new world to trade fur and live among the natives. British had also then came to settle and wanted to expand and move westward. This is when they bumped into the French. That is when war started and most of the Indians sided with the French. However, after some time the British gave blankets to the Indians as presents, but these blankets were contaminated with small pox so most of the Indians died and the British won the war.

XYZ Affaire

1797 - 1798

French were at war with all of Europe and America was afraid to get involved because they knew that if they got involved, they would lose and bbe part of Great Britain. However the French were winning and they were in need of supplies. So, they started stealing from us. The president, John Adams was upset about it, so he sent three agents...X, Y and Z to France and tell them to stop stealing from our ships. They get there and say that they want to negotiate with them. The french say okay bu then ask for a bribe of $15,000. These agents go back and they tell their story to the president, unfortunately the news reporters as well. From then on the counrty is getting prepared for a war with France but at the end France never really wanted to fight with them anyway. Napoleon become new general and after the Hati people rebel against the French the French leave and then see no use for the Lousiana purchase and sells it to the United States for $15 million.


The Proclamation of 1763


Stamp Act


Alien and Sedition Act

1797 - 1798

Adams felt that he needed to get the country ready for war with France…he gets the Alien and Sedition Act passed.
Many feel that this violates the 1st Amendment because he does not allow anyone to say bad things about him otherwise they would be put in jail


American Revolution

1775 - 1783

The patriots (americans) delcared their independence from the British in 1763 and now they were going to fight for it. The Americans win because of the turning point at Saratogo, and because the French help them out.

Virginia and Kentucky Revolution

1797 - 1798

•Matthew Lyon from Vermont gets put in jail for criticizing Adams
•Vice-President Jefferson also criticizes anonymously by authoring the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions.


Paris Treaty


After the Americans win the war they sign treaty with the British


The Battle of 1812

1812 - 1814

Leads to the American Revolution