Broihier Timeline

Important Ideas

Biological Warfare


Idea introduced by General Amherst, using disease as a weapon. Smallpox infected blankets were given to the Native Americans, which led to a widespread disease outbreak.



The French settlers' idea of settling in America was coming temporarily and trading amongst the Native Americans. These settlers many came individually (without family) and did not need very much land. Whereas the British colonists' idea of settling was permanent. They brought over their families, and began building farms and towns. They had a growing need for more and more space, which led to conflict with the French and Native Americans.

Battle of Yorktown


American soldiers surrounded the British by land, and the French navy by sea in Yorktown Virginia. General Cornwallis had no choice but to surrender, and the American troops had finally won their independence!


French and Indian War

1756 - 1763

The French and Indian War was a war fought between the French settlers and the majority of the Native Americans against the British colonists. It was a war of contrasting ideas of what it meant to settle, and different fighting styles (guerrilla vs. conventional)

American Revolution

1775 - 1783

The American Revolution was a war fought between the Americans (at the time Patriots) and the British. The colonists fought this war for their independence from the king.


Battle of Saratoga

October, 1777

The turning point of the war! After the American soldiers defeated the British soldiers by Saratoga, NY, French and Spanish soldiers were sent in to assist the American army.