Mae Harris


French and Indian War

Britain and France had been at war on and off since 1066. British win this specific event that takes place in America.

Britain France begin fighting


Great Britain and France have been at war since 1066 over colonies, especially India. France want to use the American colonies for trade with the Native Americans and Britain wants to use it for farming.

Fort Duquense


Fort Duquense was the most famous battle of the French and Indian War. Young George Washington fought on the British side. Britain won the battle and renamed Fort Duquense as Pittsburgh after Minister William Pitt.

Treaty of Paris


Britain won war so they get all of North America owned by France that is east of the Mississippi River.

American Revolution

King George was in debt from French and Indian War and so he raised taxes and tried to take away the natural rights of the colonists. This lead to the American Revolution.

New York and Trenton

June 1776

British took Long Island and Washington retreated. Washington waited until British were settling for Christmas and crossed Delaware. He took 900 prisoners and there were few causalities. Battle was brief.


July 1776

General Burgoyne (British) marched from Canada and met Washington and General Gates (Patriot) with militias and army. Burgoyne surrendered on October 17.

XYZ affair

America almost goes to war with France.

French Revolution

1789 - 1799

Louis was in debt because of the American Revolution. Ideas of Liberty spread through France and by 1791 King Louis and his family are dead.

France asks for help


France asks for America's help against war with Europe. America was afraid to get involved because they had no money from the American Revolution and did not want to be part of Britain again.

XYZ Affair


France begins to steal from United States and John Adams sends agents X, Y, and Z to France to negotiate. France asks for 2 million dollars and this gets to press which makes Americans angry.