How the Constitution Came To Be


The Article of Confederation was created

July 12, 1776

It was submitted to the Second Continental Congress on July 12, 1776 by John Dickinson but was adopted on by the Congress on November 15, 1777.

Articles of Confederation

November 15, 1777

They passed the Articles of Confederation.

Spain Taking Over The Mississippi River


The Spain took advantage of the weak government and closed/block down the lower part of the Mississippi River. The Westerners were really mad and started to criticize the weak government.

Land of Ordinance


The new central government passed the Land of Ordinance which set up a system for surveying and dividing the public territory.

Farmer Rebellions

September 1786

Farmers in the three western Massachusetts counties began to revolt.

Daniel Shay's Rebelion

January 1787

Daniel Shay was a farmer who lived in Massachusetts and fought in the Revolutionary War for the Americans. When he got home from the war, he only wanted to live a normal life, but the Massachusetts Legislature wanted to tax him on his farm land and said that they would kick him and his family out if he didn't pay. He got really mad because he wasn't paid for his service in the war so he led a rebellion.

Northwest Ordinance


They wanted to form a political system for the region north of the Ohio River, Congress so they passed the Northwest Ordinance.

The Great Compromise


The Congress came up with the Great Compromise where it split Congress into two. The Senate and the House of Representative.

The 3/5th Compromise


It was around same time as the Great Compromise. They created it agreeing that 3/5th of the Slave population counts for the South.

The Constitution was radtified

June 21, 1788

This was the when the ninth state, New Hampshire, ratified the Constitution and made it official because they needed nine out of thirteen.

When all thirteenth state, the last state, ratified The Constitution

May 29, 1790

On this date the Rhode Island, the last state to ratify The Constitution by winning only by two points. 34 yes to 32 no.