History of Ancient Israel


Biblical Date of the Exodus

Decline in Canaanite City-States

Saul's Reign

Reign of King David

Divided Monarchy

Jeraboam I becomes first king of Israel

Omride Dynasty

Omri --> Ahab

Josiah's Reign

Babylonian Exile

Destruction of Jerusalem --> Cyrus II ends exile

Secondary Events

Egypt controls Canaan

Alternative Date for Exodus


Saul's son who wants to be king


David's Prophet; foretold the collapse of David's kingdom after he had the affair with Bathsheba


Omride Princess; Marraige Alliance


Prophet; ended the Omride dynasty


elijahs successor


Jehu defeats Omrides (but is a weak king himself)

Hosea, Amos and Isaiah

Hosea and Amos were more criquers of social stuff; Isaiah was the PROPHET

Syro-Ephramitic Alliance


King of Judah; Isaiah told him to stick with Assyria, thus Judah was saved

Sennacherib Campaign Against Babylon

Sennacherib was an Assyrian Prince

Josiac Reforms

Nebachudnezzer II's Reign

Responsible for the destruction of temple and exile of Judah

Second Temple Rebuilt

Constructed after Cyrus released Jews from Exile in Babylon


• Led a group of exilees back to Jerusalem, only to discover that the Jerusalemites had been marrying foreign women
• She condemned them


Amarna Letters

Merneptah Stele

Monolith (Shalmaneser III) Inscription

Mesha Inscription

Hazael/ Tel-Dan Inscription