Changing Aims of Education


Colonial Education

1700 - 1776

goals were to enable students to read and understand the bible, gain salvation, and spreading the gospel.

Early United States

1776 - 1892

goals were to establish a common languge, instill a sense of patriotism, develop a national feeling of unity and common purpose, and providing training for technical nad agricultural fields

committee of Ten

1892 - 1918

set down purposes of High School. 4 recommendations: 1) high school should be 7-12. 2) courses should be taken in sequence. 3) should be given few electives. 4) awarding units for separate classes. wanted high school students to graduate earlier so they could go to college earlier.

Seven Cardinal Principles

1918 - 1932

seven fields of education: health, command of fundamental processes, worthy home membership, vocation, civic education, constructive us of leisure, and ethical character

The Eight-Year Study

1932 - 1940

the needs of youth included
1)physical and mental health, 2) self-assurance, 3) assurance of growth toward adult status 4) philosophy of life 5) wide range of personal interests 6) esthetics appreciations 7) inelligent self-directions 8) maturity in social relations 9) wise use of goods and services. 10) vocational oreientation 11) vocational competence.

Purposes of Education in American Democracy

1938 - 1944

four broad areas of self-realization, human relations, economic efficiency, and civic responsibility.