Maggie Cha



French and Indian War

1756 - 1763

The Colonists' population was growing larger so they decided to expand West into French trading territory. The French and the Colonists had different reasons for coming to America therefore they had different uses for the land. This dispute over land lead to the war. Eventually the British won and signed the Treaty of Paris, ending the seven year war.

American Revolution

1775 - 1783

Colonists fighting for Independence because they felt that the King was mistreating them because of the high taxes. Americans won and signed treaty of paris giving them freedom and land east of the Mississippi R. French fought with the Americans and got the middle of the U.S. called Louisiana and Spain got FL back.

Important Battles

The Battle of Fort Duquesne


Most important battle of the French and Indian war battle over Ohio between the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers because waterways are extremely important for trade. British won and turned it into Pittsburgh

The Battle of Yorktown


General Cornwallis established his army in Yorktown on the peninsula because he needed supplies and aid from his ships. Patriots surrounded him and Cornwallis surrendered giving the Americans their independence.

Important Points

XYZ Affair

1797 - 1798

Adams sent ambassadors named X, Y, and Z to negotiate with France in order to keep us from going to war. French required a bribe and we refused. Word got out to the press and made it sound like we were going to war with the French.

Alen and Sedition Acts


Alien: people cant come into the U.S.
Sedition: Adams declared that it was illegal to criticize the gov't. The reason for passing this law was because Adams was trying to prepare the country for war with France. He knew that we had a slim chance of winning but that we would be hopeless if we were not unified. In order to unify the country, he had to make sure everyone was supporting the war and that there were no dissenters. But this law was a violation of peoples 1st Amendments causing even more outrage.