Mackenzie Berks timeline study guide


Roman catholics

1789 - 1815

Beginning and end of the French revelution. France is almost all Roman catholic but then they suddenly banned roman Catholics and their churches.


1789 - 1791

Ideas of liberty spread throughout France 1789 revelution break out by 1791 king Louis and his family is dead



France is at war with almost all of Europe



By 1792 et get rid of the calendar and create their own months. Then by 1793 they are alredy in their third year. This is resulted in being more and more radical.

Really war

1800 - 1801

When we really went to war With the French.

Lost France

1812 - 1813

French lost Canada in the revelution. The French also lost a supper important colony that really impacted them they had lost Hati which carrying a large amount of salves and a large amount of sugar population. But then they wanted to sell Louisiana becuase it was all used as plains and it was worthless.