Jadzia Walkers Timeline

Events regarding the American Rev.

Turning point in Saratoga

July 5, 1777 - October 7, 1777

General Burgone and his troops having troubles because of patriot forces, then general gates crushes them.

Victory at Yorktown

May 1781 - March 1782

British soldiers were surrounded by the patriots and the French on a peninsula near Yorktown. Patriots were in water and on land. Cornwallis, the British person, surrendered on October 19.

French Rev.


The people revolted and killed their king, Louis,and most of his family in 1791

France at War with Europe


French are at war with all of Europe, and ask Americans to help, but America says no in fear of losing.

XYZ Affair

1797 - 1798

President Adam sends ambassadors to negotiate with the French so they stop jumping American ships. They get insulted by French and war seems unavoidable. President Adams then tries to pass the Alien and Sedition Act though it violated the 1st amendment. (They weren't allowed to criticize the gov.) Jefferson criticizes anonymously by authorizing the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions.

Haitian Revolution


Haitian people start revolution because of the American rev. and gain independence in 1801

Louisiana is sold to America


French don't have anymore use for the land because since they don't control the Haiti, they can't trade sugarcane in New Orleans.