Nazi Party Formed


Beer Hall Pustch

November 8, 1923

Hitler and his followers stormed the streets of Munich, Germany to gain support and power. Hitler was later arrested.

"Mein Kampf" published


Adolf Hitler wrote this book while he was in prison for treason (due to his part in the Beer Hall Putsch.)

Elie Wiesel born

September 20, 1928

Adolf Hitler, Nazis come to power through Great Depression

1929 - 1930

Rise of Hitler to Power

1933 - 1938


1933 - 1945

Gestapo Formed

April 26, 1933

Buchenwald Established

July, 1937

World War 2

1939 - 1945

Auschwitz is up and running

May, 1940

Germany Occupied Hungary

March 11, 1944

Elie and his family are deported to Auschwitz

May 1944

Elie and hid father are transferred to Buchenwald

January, 1945

Elie is liberated by the US

February, 1945