Oriana Cruz Timeline


American Revolution Begins


The colonists are angry at the king for unfair representation and high taxes.

Battle of Trenton


Howe settled in New York but left 1,400 soldiers in Trenton. Washington led the troops to trenton and they attacked the britsh and took more than 900+ prisoners. This was the turning point of the war.

The Declaration of Independence

July 4, 1776

Although the colonists had already been fighting the war for over a year, the founding fathers sat in congress writing a letter to alert the french and spanish about their revolution. This was a turning point of the war, due to the fact that other countries began helping the colonists.

Battle of Princeton


George Washington drove out two british regiments a win for the Colonists.

Battle of Saratoga


General Burgoyne was unaware that Howe was not going to meet with him and marched down to Canada with troops to Ticonderoga. The Americans began gathering in Saratoga under Horatio Gates surrounding the brits causing them to surrender.

Battle of Yorktown


Cornwallis marched down to Yorktown and set up troops there. THen the colonists and french joined forces and marched to outside of Yorktown fought until OCtober 19 when Brits surrendered.

Treaty of Paris


The GB opposition to the war in parliment was growing bigger and they voted no on the war. Their prime minister then resigned and they signed a peace treaty with Colonists in Paris. Victory for the USA.