Ellie Cascio Timeline

French and Indian War

French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

Between French& Indians vs. Britain. British wanted to expand colonies. Ran into French and indians peacefully trading furs in OH. Started war b/t 2. British won.

Proclamation of 1763


Due to debt after war, King raised taxes on colonists in order to pay off debt. First main action leading into American revolution.

American Revolution

American Revolution War

1775 - 1783

-Colonists fighting for freedom against Britain due to unfair taxes
-Had help from france bc of their hatred
-Americans won

Battle of Saratoga

October 1777

-turning point of war
-Americans won: after many losses
-france and Spain helped Americans after won

Battle of Yorktown

October 1781

Surrounded British using ships at harbor and soldiers on land
On october 19th corwallis surrendered when no help came

XYZ Affair

During french revolution Americans did not want to get involved out of fear of losing. Adams (president at time) sent X, Y, and Z (like spies) to france to negotiate but when arrived frnehc demanded money to even start talking. Took as insult so left. Story released into newspaper and called "XYZ affair"

XYZ affair

1793 - 1800

During french revolution, french enlisted help from America.Sent X, Y, and Z to negotiate. Demanded money, Americans outraged. Story got out into newspaper

Alien and Sedition Act passed


passed by adams in order to prepare country for war against france (unify country)
Many felt violates 1st amendment
Limits foreigners and speech