Mackenna O'Hara timeline


French and Indian war

1754 - 1763

A guerrilla war, British wanted French territory. The British won

Battle of Trenton

December 1776

Howe had settled down in the winter in New York City so Washington led his troops across the Delaware river on Christmas night and at dawn they overwhelmed the hessian a and took over 900 prisoners

Battle of Saratoga

October 7, 1777 - October 17, 1777

Baroness broke down burogoyne force. It was the turning point of the war.

Battle of Yorktown

October 1781

Washington and Comte de Rochambeau gave up a plan to attack New York and marched to Yorktown. Washingtons artillery began to batter the British position.

Battle of Princeton

October 1781

Washington struck again and near Princeton where he drove out two British regiments.

War of 1812

Battle of the Thames

October 1813

-take place in Canada
- tacumpsa dies (native American leader)
-William henery Harrison= leader
- goal was to trap the Americans in the Thames river

Battle of Lake Erie

October 10 1813

~British controlled Lake Erie for most of the war
~British were low on supplies
~America won this battle and gained Lake Erie